[MP3] OH NO OH MY are WALKING INTO territory that has ME stoked for them

that’s when i felt the undertow, my whole life is just a memory

♫ Oh No Oh My – Walking Into Me

This new Oh No Oh My (now sans exclamation points) track found its way to my ears recently and it apparently belongs to a whole new LP by the band. People Problems came out Jan 18th and is ONOM’s 2nd LP and first release since 2008’s Dimitrij Dimitrij EP. “Walking Into Me” still carries a hint of that Oh No tenderness but they’ve traded the goofiness for a much more earnest approach to both the lyrics and music. The opening track of 2006’s self-titled debut was all about skipping the foreplay, whereas this album opener seems much more interested in a little tenderness before getting things underway. There is still plenty of guitar rocking going on, but the breathy “Ooooohhh”s and light reverb give it more gravitas. The young Austin rockers are growing up. As they should. As we all should.

♫ Oh No Oh My – Our Mouths Were Wet / Between The Devil And The Sea EP, 2005

Grab an early favorite from their debut EP above and then get your mitts on People Problems. That’s my plan for the day!

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