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Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakse

Sonstep – “Mai Lai Wah”

Here is some sonic shade to shield your mind from the Winter elements. Curl up in the cocoon of Sonstep and peer out at the world as it swirls by at speeds you can’t quite comprehend. Close your eyes and let it all slow down to something more manageable.

Featured on the full length Natural Majique. Read more

Taylor Mazer

Son Little – “The River”

Get ready for some downright rowdy good times. With some whiskey in your blood and Son Little in your ears, there isn’t a damn thing this town can do to stop what you got cooking. If only you could trust that getaway driver… something not right about that guy…  Read more

Salavat Fidai

CRUISR – “Throw Shade” + “Moving To Neptune”

Open wide, take a deep breath, tie your shoes, stretch those hamstrings, and do whatever else you do to prepare yourself because Cruisr just dropped a double dose of their signature indie singalong gold. It is no time to be a slouch! There are volume knobs to turn up! Air guitars to shred! Sweat to break! And ex-lovers to throw shade at! Read more

Wayne Thiebaud

Cheers Elephant – “Airliner”

In the right mindset, and with the right amount of handclaps, you can elevate an ordinary day into a great one. Tune the dusty roads ahead into pathways to the sky. Go forth, lift off, and soar! And when you feel yourself coming back to the ground just hit repeat and start the song over.  Read more

CRUISR – “Go For It”

Music for… reminding yourself that life is short, dreams are achievable, and the sun is shining (somewhere…). Put some pep in your step with this new jam from TBE faves CRUISR.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: Debut EP All Over Available Now.

Marian Hill – “Lips”

Music for… continuing the fight for weirdo beats and grooves that Marian Hill does so well (see “Got It”). “Lips” is a jam that has got be played loud and on repeat. This is olympic sized entrance music for the bedroom athlete in us all!

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: Get this and “Got It” on iTunes now.

Marian Hill – “Got It”

Music for… getting in touch with that angry twitch inside, and letting him out to bust robot moves. Then the horn army attacks and what could have been bloodshed turns to group roboting! Yes, that is a thing! I just lived it!

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: You can pre-order the Got It / Lips 7″ now. Out 12.02.14 via B3SCI Records

CRUISR – “All Over”

Sounds like… catchy rock and roll is alive and well in Philadephia! Our old friends Cruiser dropped the E (for aerodynamics) and signed to Vagrant and are now on track to take over the world (I hope). In addition to brand new singalong jam “All Over”, their classic “Don’t Go Alone” will be getting a re-release.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: Debut EP ‘All Over’ Available September 23rd, 2014

TeamMateBand - Love Is Love

TeamMate – “Love Is Love” + “Sequal” + LA Show @ Blind Date 3/26

The LA/Philly duo of Teammate were born of love, respect, and the ultimate understand that a broken relationship doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stay “teammates” (See “Sequal” below). They kick out the kind of feel good synth pop jams that make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. And that is exactly what I’ll be doing to “Love Is Love” when they play Blind Date with Pollimer and Magic Giant tomorrow night here in LA!


IQRAM - Newborn

[MP3] IQRAM – “Newborn”

IQRAM - Newborn

listen to mama, listen to papa

♫ IQRAM – Newborn

  • Who: The Sri-Lanka born, Zimbabwe raised, NYC/Philly based Iqram. & friends.
  • What: Afro pop, like Vampire Weekend, Paul Simon, Princeton
  • Where: Philadelphia, PA + Facebook
  • When: This lone single is out now.
  • Why: While Vampire Weekend deals with the existential crisis of their sophomore slump I’m celebrating this Iqram guy and his elegantly straightforward take on the Paul Simon popularized afro-pop that Vampy once adapted so well. “Newborn” has horns, bongos, and is catchy as hell. I’m pretty happy.


Cruiser - Dont Go Alone

[MP3] Cruiser – “Don’t Go Alone”

it’ll get you to and get you through the light

♫ Cruiser – Don’t Go Alone

  • Who: Andy, Jon, Josa, Kyle
  • What: Sctrappy Indie Rock, like Griz Adams, Warships, Saint Motel
  • Where: Philadelphia, PA + Facebook
  • When: Their self-titled EP is out now.
  • Why: If Summer wasn’t on it’s way out I’d say this should belong on every sunshine playlist you make! Good thing I’m an endless optimist and believe we can force summer to do our bidding by blasting jams like this well into December. I think it really helps if you air guitar with it.
Snakes Say Hisss

[MP3] Snakes Say Hisss – “Comes and Goes”

feeling kind of ageless, happy and alone

♫ Snakes Say Hisss – Comes and Goes

Apparently these guys had a well received electro-shuffle album back in 2007 but I never heard nuthin’ about it. Kinda bummed about that ’cause “Comes and Goes” is a tight little bouncy ball of a jam. I like it’s plucky attitude and subdued vocals. It’s the B-side of the new “Right Behind You” 7″ and I hope this is just a teaser of more to come from these dudes from Philadelphia/Brooklyn.

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Visual-Audio FRONT COVER

[MP3] THE CITY MUSIC PROJECT are one in a MILLION, don’t cost a DOLLAR, and want to be your FRIEND

you can never follow your soul if you give it up

♫ The City Music Project – Million Dollar Friend

The City Music Project is the Philadelphia based duo who split producing and vocal/guitar duties as they craft music that bends genres as much as it invites them over for dinner. No wait, maybe not dinner. More like a soiree. Or a house party. Yeah. Definitely some grooving gonna be going on with these jams. “Million Dollar Friend” has funky beats and head nodding rhythms for miles, not to mention a hook that does it’s job like a champ angler. Some cruising of the Internet may turn up another jam or two so keep your eyeballs peeled.

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