Wildlife Control – “Gizelle Pt.1” // Jem Creswell

“Giselle Pt.1” comes from the soundtrack of More Than T, a film focused on the lives of seven transgendered and gender nonconforming people. Even without the visual component it was composed for, “Gizelle Pt.1” is grand, sweeping, and full of hope. Just what I would expect from TBE faves Wildlife Control.

More Than T premieres on Showtime this Friday 6/23 at 7pm ET/PT. You can listen to the rest of the soundtrack below:

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GRMLN – “27 Kids” // Théo Guignard

Some songs are meant to be danced to in clubs, or grand halls, or dark warehouse spaces. Others, like GRMLN’s “27 Kids”, demand socks and hardwood floors.

“27 Kids” is the first single from GRMLN’s album ‘Discovery’, out on April 7th.

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Vandelux – “Bright Lights” // Marjolein Caljouw

If the lights are too bright then turn them down and turn Vandelux up.

Check out Vandelux’s killer “Stimulus” on VINYL MOON Volume 017.

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YOURS have a jam i could spin FOREVER and NEVER get sick of

I’d like to formally apologize to everyone for keeping this jam to myself the past few weeks. Every time I hear I get so giddy with joy that sitting down at a computer to write things is the furthest from my mind. So put “Forever, Never” on repeat and do some work-avoiding of your own. (Get into the rest of their self titled EP here.)

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Wildlife Control – “Illusion”

That’s not just fresh mountain air in your lungs. Thats the taste of excitement. And tension. Wildlife Control are back and “Illusion” sounds like the perfect opening salvo for big things to come. Play it loud and run around outside!  Read more

Andy Kong – “City Lights”

Pardon me while I take a moment to ease into the work week. The comforting croon of Andy Kong is perfect for letting memories run through your mind as you file away favorites for future reference. And when Monday gets to be too much, take “City Lights” with you on a walk and let the fresh air fill your spirits as you regain strength.

From the Meteor Showers EPOut Now.  Read more

[PREMIERE] COLLAJ – “Lose Control”

Our man Collaj has never shied away from his sexual side but “Lose Control” puts a more straightforward approach on his mission statement. And after seeing “Lose Control” live a handful of times the past year I’m honored to help deliver this musk scented love letter to panties everywhere. And on a Friday no less! Time to peck out an SMS tour your own “brand new Bugatti” and set up a date this weekend. Then just imagine Collaj and I right there with you singing “Lose Control” in your ear the whole time.  Read more

COLLAJ – “Tropical Vacation”

The party machine formerly known as 8th Grader is not known to mince words. Collaj is a man on a mission and right now that mission is to make sure all these bathing suits fit into his carry-on so nobody has to wait at baggage claim and he can get straight to the beach for a “biological situation”. Are you packed yet??  Read more

Painted Palms – “Disintegrate”

This new track from painted Palms is all about taking a moment to reflect on your past and then turning around and punching it in the damn face before continuing on with your bright future. There is enough grit and steam for the punching and enough synthy groove for the swaggeriffic walk away. Nice.  Read more

8th Grader – “All We Can Do” (Produced by Carousel)

Music for… lovers, dancers, huggers, and even those of us with that little shuffle step we only do when nobody is looking. You know its a party when two of my favorite sex-groove maestro’s, 8th Grader and Carousel, team up on a jam designed to “keep the fire burning” if you know what I mean.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Future: With both bands living in SF these days I’m hoping for more like this. Then a tour! Yeah, lets do it.