SPOON is a band WHO MAKES good music, I’m just not sure if YOUR MONEY hasn’t GOT NUFFIN better to buy

some try to get there with no place to go

♫ Spoon – Who Makes Your Money

My passion for Spoon has never been particularly strong but it definitely peaked with Gimmie Fiction and “The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine.” Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga seemed solid enough but never demanded repeated listens. Then I caught them perform between MGMT and Beck at the Hollywood Bowl and they put on a show that made me really want to like them. However, now we’ve finally got Transference, I’m still kinda struggling. “Who Makes Your Money” nails it as a spaced out drum-creep jam and I have no problem grooving along. “Got Nuffin” is my rocker off the album, it’s tight drums and conversational guitar-work the perfect vehicle for Brit Daniels’ unique voice. In general though, I feel a bit like the dude in the photo when I listen to this album. Neither moved enough to perk up nor enough to turn it off. It’s not offensive, just not my favorite. Knowing my history with the band that may mean little to you. I’d be curious to hear from you Spoon fans out there on your thoughts on Transference. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the few tracks I am on board with.

♫ Spoon – Got Nuffin

♫ Spoon – Written in Reverse // UPDATE: Web Sheriff wasn’t happy with any tracks up except lead single, “Written In Reverse.” So here it is. You can still stream the album at Spoon’s website.

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