VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining

We’re excited to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a collection of songs from new breakout artists, along with exciting artwork and design from the hottest visual artists around.

Volume 026: Nightshining embraces the duality of light and dark. A hyperglossy 3-panel gatefold jacket showcases the surreal photography of Marilyn Mugot, whose shots seem to take place in a weird in-between of dusk, dawn, night, and day. The record itself is housed in a middle pocket, which slides out to unveil its midnight-violet translucent vinyl.

TBE readers will recognize artists such as Mt. Joy, Leo Law, Shoffy, and more. It all comes together with

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EDEN – “gold” // Alessandra Maria

Creatively mangling everything from his voice & guitar to the plush hiss of room noise, EDEN shows he isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of reality. That’s fine with us, as long as he keeps writing songs this great. Keep your shoulders bobbing and mind ready for the shredding synth in the chorus.

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Aaron Taos – “Alone feat. Shane Stokes” // Evija Laivina

If Aaron Taos wants to be left alone, dropping sweet tracks is a pretty bad way to go about doing it. But it’s great news for those of us who are sick of other people after a long day of hustling for tips, being harassed at bars, shoved into subways, sitting in traffic, standing in line, getting spilled on at shows, yelling over crowd noise, being asked way too many questions about our personal lives, losing the last piece of food to some bratty kid who’s already had three…wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. People suck. This song doesn’t.

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Fake Shark – “NOFOMO” // Muretz

There’s a precise art to making a happy-sounding sad song, and Fake Shark are proving themselves as masters of that art with “NOFOMO”. There’s plenty of lyrical bummer to sink your teeth into if you’re feeling particularly #sadboy / #sadgirl, but dammit if you won’t be jumping around like a goof the whole time. Time to see if you can frown and dance at the same time.

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Rosehardt – “Fall Into You” // Michael Dandley

Rosehardt can switch from gritty indie rapper to silky smooth soul singer on a dime. But even though “Fall Into You” is a perfect example of the latter, he carries over his razor-sharp lyricism for a dreamy song about not wanting to dream anymore. Anyone tired of the dating world in 2017 will fall for this jam.

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Durante & Amtrac – “Pray” // Maria Menshikova

It’s tough to make a track equally suited for moody bedroom listens and for filling the dancefloor, but Durante & (TBE Fave) Amtrac pull it off with the evocative song “Pray”. There’s a lot to explore and dissect if you’d like. Or you can just as easily shut off your mind and let your hips do the thinking. Either way, it won’t be leaving your playlists for a while.

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Glded – “Ghost” // Mong Sang

With instrumentals phasing in and out by the wave and chords that evoke a classical sense of tension, “Ghost” is a subconscious song that we can consciously process, if that makes sense.  Glded’s tune makes me feel like going on a bike ride, zooming through the suburban streets of the local neighborhood after an emotionally draining day.  It won’t help fully recover from the day, but it’ll at least help make sense of it as the brisk wind rushes by.

Overjoy – “Women (Original Mix)” // Kelly Reemtsen

“Women” is magnetic. Latin percussion and dark horn swells accent power bass drum rhythms while popcorn-guitar add a touch of funk, but everything’s drawn towards Alexis Moraites’ expressive singing. It’s tough to dance your heart out while paying close attention to lyrics and all the little rhythmic touches, but I swear, this one’s worth it. Even if you have to listen over, and over, and over again.

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