Mt. Joy – “Dirty Love” + Vinyl Giveaway // Nosego

Mt. Joy’s debut self-titled album is shaping up to be a slam dunk, with their new single “Dirty Love” being no exception. The soul that is conjured underneath the indie folk blanket is unrivaled. Every note that is played or sung is confident as all hell while maintaining enough vulnerability to let the listener in. Put this album on your radar for its 3/2 release.

VINYL MOON is also giving away a copy of their album, on clear vinyl, on Instagram. Go comment on THIS POST to enter, good luck! If you don’t win you can always get more Mt. Joy in your life with their fantastic “Sheep” on VINYL MOON Nightshining.

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Ekaruz – “Wild Horses” // Herakut

The vocals in “Wild Horses” are intriguing and captivating, while the glitchy, poppy background dances confidently behind them. A truly unique pop song full of pomp and circumstance and a healthy dose of Joie de Vivre. The explosive choruses are extremely memorable and triumphant within the soundscape of the track.

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Finneas – “Break My Heart Again” // Dadu Shin

Finneas dazzles the listener with entrancing, melancholy, heartbreaking piano playing over gut-wrenching, personal lyricism. While “Break My Heart Again” is likely cathartic and therapeutic for Finneas, for the listener, it’s relatable to varying degrees and extremely pleasant to listen to — despite the feels that are unavoidably hit during the track’s full playback.

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ANKŌ – “Hollow” // Timo Lenzen

“Hollow” shimmers and haunts as the track unfolds, breathing cold air over the listener while drawing them closer. Emotive strings come in nearly halfway through to bring a strong texture to the light, ambient background. For fans of Hammock, Sigur Ros, and Slow Dancing Society, “Hollow” is an undeniably beautiful track that deserves repeat listens.

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Instupendo – “boy.” // Keith Pfeiffer

“boy.” opens up with gorgeous, lush, warm synths welcoming you into the track. It slowly builds upon itself until the beat drops, and when it does, “boy.” seems to lift you off your chair or the ground, ascending you to the heavens rapidly, clouds breezing past you and grazing your face as you speed towards the light. A truly beautiful offering from Instupendo.

Make sure you check out Instupendo’s track on VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition!

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Monsieur Minimal – “Agalia” // Lukrecia

Greek artist Monsieur Minimal released “Agalia”, a tropical downtempo track that is equal parts sugar and spice, being just as relaxing and chill as it is danceable. Lose yourself in the heavy vibes that are laid out neatly in front of you, the French vocals swirling around the beat effortlessly.

Cloud – “Wildfire” // WAONE Interesni Kazki

Following up the awesome, shimmery “Zen Summer” from 2015, Cloud has returned to inject you with a heavy dose of in your face psychedelic pop with “Wildfire”, the first single off his upcoming up album “Plays With Fire.” Immediately assaulting your ears with sound, the listener is enraptured in droning, warbling synths playing tag from ear to ear as a steady drum beat grounds the track in a perfect way. Cloud’s earnest vocals and lyrics shine through the dense, layered production to give the listener a sense of comfort and bliss. Close your eyes and let this one wash over you with headphones, you won’t be disappointed.

GEO – “Mágica (feat. Caro Pierotto)” // Artem Rogowoi

“Mágica” lives up to its own as TBE fave GEO delivers a magical dose of Brazilian inspired chill beats directly to your eardrums. With strong roots in Bossa Nova, the track practically sells itself as the lounge-y vibe forms a bed for you to lie on. Lie down in the meadow, look up at the sky, and maybe you’ll get transported to another planet like I do when listening to this track.

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