The Burning Ear July 2018 Spotify Playlist

Poolside tunes got some extra love this last month – perhaps wishful thinking on our part, as we pushed through some particularly gnarly heatwaves. But we had some great tunes to help us do the pushing. What did you find burning up your speakers this month?

As always, be sure to follow us on Spotify to stay current on what we’re digging – only a few days into August, and we’ve already got some slammers on rotation.

Wet Leather – “Party” // Art: Seth Bogart

New ripper from our favorite crew of sweaty party dudes in Brooklyn. When you dry your own brow, get into more Wet Leather on Vinyl Moon.

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Back Talk – “Oliver Tree – Movement (Back Talk Remix)” // Art: Bikismo

Back Talk takes on Oliver Tree’s “Movement” with a blistering remix, featuring explosive, distorted beats and powerhouse rapping. The song goes for gold in its eclectic approach, drawing on genres as diverse as pop, deep house, fusion, electro-clash and more.

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SP – “time gon’ change the weather” // Art: Yuanxing Liang

SP is a soul and R&B outfit with a sound that seamlessly bridges the gaps between the golden age of the genre and the modern scene. The project recently released a brand new single titled “Time Gon’ Change The Weather”, which has a nice moody, classy tone. The rhythm section is very upbeat, yet never too exuberant, and always tastefully restrained, allowing the vocals and the melodies to take the main place under the spotlight. The vocals are truly the star in this arrangement, with cool double-tracking effects and amazing vocal harmonies that add a lot of depth to this release.

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The Millennial Club – “Santa Barbara” // Art: Chris Wood

“Santa Barbara” is a luscious morsel of dream pop, perfect for gazing out of windows or across any vista you encounter. With elements of neo soul and indie rock tucked beneath blankets of soothing distortion, this track is perfect to either accompany your summer vacations, or to create little personal getaways.

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[PREMIERE] Touch Tone – “Perfect Lover (feat. Van Bobbi)”

Those of you “in the know” have been loving this song for a while now – it was featured on VINYL MOON Volume 011: Night Eyes – but today, “Perfect Lover” is officially released for all of your digital listening desires! And it couldn’t have better timing, because it’s a bonafide summer jam. Touch Tone’s disco rhythms pump along to rich, deep, synthy goodness. TBE favorite Van Bobbi makes singing instantly catchy hooks seem like child’s play. There’s already a light show in my head as he chants the title lyric, silky backup vocals crooning out “Oooh”s like nobody’s business. Time to get those dancing shoes re-soled. We’ll see you under the disco ball.

The Dig – “Million Dollar Man” // Art: Deih

“Million Dollar Man” is a driving steam-engine of a track, pushed forward by hypnotic drum grooves and chugging vocals. Sky-high synths soar above the musical landscape and razor-sharp snares. You can feel the horizon open up in front of you as the song pulses into its final minute. It’s all part of The Dig’s ambitious Year of Music project, where they release two EPs, one song at a time, over the course of the entire year.

Check out another excellent track by The Dig with “Let Your Lover Know” on VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves.

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Goth Babe – “The Hills” // Art: Julieta XLF

Goth Babe is a seamless music project with a focus on creating down-to-earth acoustic songs. The artist’s most recent release, “The Hills” is a really great example. This particular project is actually a stunning acoustic ballad with a rather upbeat feel and a very emotional set of lyrics. The song’s slightly lo-fi production aesthetics make me think of artists such as earlier Bon Iver, The Tallest Man on Earth or Bright Eyes, creating stunning textures with cool ambient sounds, gritty drum arrangements and essentialist guitar arrangements that really serve the nature of the music without unnecessary frills.

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