TSHEGUE – “Muanapoto” // Art: Daniel Popper

TSHEGUE is a forward-thinking artist with a unique approach to Afro-punk, electro-clash and Afro-beat. New single “Muanapoto” is loaded with rhythm, with several percussion tracks that do much more than providing a rhythmic backbone to the song. The percussive elements have clear and intelligible notes, which also define the song’s melodic structure. The arrangement indeed heavily relies on percussions and vocals, going for a massive energy build-up. “Muanapoto” is impressive for its clarity and depth. The low end is really fat and punchy, while the mid-range is warm, but never harsh. In addition to that, the top end has a nice, silky tone that really contributes to a smooth sounding mix that puts the vocals at the forefront. The song’s beat is almost like crashing waves on a shoreline: you never know how hard the next measure will hit, and there is always something huge to look forward to. This song is certainly meant to move the audience – expect impromptu dance parties to follow with every spin.

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Knox White – “The Morning-Ft. Nikki Segal” // Art: Ben_On_The_Moon

Knox White joins forces with vocalist Nikki Segal for “The Morning”, an immediately memorable, distinctive track with saturated aesthetics that bring to mind 80s new wave parties in a dark industrial basement. The mix is organic, direct and edgy, allowing the vocals to soar atop the instrumental, and really channel a fuller expressive range.

The synth tones are perhaps the star here: these phrases are fat and fuzzy, with a stark, bass and energetic feel. It balances a dark, mysterious vibe with a disco track you can sing along to after the first chorus. Dig it.

Don’t sleep on Knox’s other new jam “Good Bi Girl” either.

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Silverpalms – “Maybe I Can” // Art: Eli Durst

Silver palms sets the bar for fuzzed-out, understated indie rock, blending influences as diverse as The Kinks and Mac De Marco. Their latest release, “Maybe I Can”, has guitars that go from mile-high to sharp as a razor. I firmly believe the singer is wearing a leather jacket at all times, and that somewhere out there, a Camaro races down a desert highway, playing this song as loud as the stereo will go.

This is rock that calls to mind the golden era of the genre, no matter if you think that era featured Bruce Springsteen or The Strokes. And, if you want to keep that golden era going, queue up Silverpalms’ “Day In Day Out” from VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren.

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AUTONOMICS – “Bad Blood” // Art: Jeb Corliss

Autonomics is unadulterated, unapologetic rock music. The project’s new single, “Bad Blood” is an upbeat tune that sounds larger than life. The guitars on this song definitely take that “go big or go home” approach, echoing the work of artists such as Weezer or Green Day, and channeling all the glory of the era of frantic indie rock. The drums and bass are locked in despite whizzing by at a million miles an hour, while the vocals lead the onslaught, combining edgy lyrics with hefty doses of character and personality.

Whoever says rock and roll is dead aren’t paying attention. It’s up to you to help enlighten the naysayers, preferably from a speeding car with the windows rolled down and “Bad Blood” blasting.

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RTIK – “Snow” // Art: Anuar Patjane

Some electronic producers flood Soundcloud with the usual stock sounds and stock ideas ad infinitum – so whenever we find something with personality, we get very excited. RTIK’s recent gem, “Snow”, is an excellent example of two-step and chill electronica, with a much broader range and incredibly diverse approach.

As a producer, RTIK is arguably very well-rounded and talented, allowing his broad range of skills to really make an impact on this particular release. The beat patterns present haunting textures, yet they are also loaded with energy, bringing a thunderous low-end thump to this release. It’s engaging and hypnotic, with enough tricks to keep you guessing until the end.

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Aurka – “Orbiter” // Art: Lucy Hardcastle

Aurka is a very unique artist, not only for the producer’s signature blend of electronic music, experimental beats and unique melodies, but also for his peculiar textures and and aesthetics.

One of Aurka’s most recent releases is titled “Orbiter”, and it is a great example of the producer’s sound. The song bridges the gaps between the groove of hip hop and the moody and roomy ambience of minimal / ambient electronics, thanks to a beat drenched in reverb and walls of synths creating a lot of space for the song’s melodic elements to truly shine through the mix. The musical flow is indeed the star here, as everything seems to give off the perfect chill/trippy vibe, so suitable to the feel of this release. This release is a really great introduction to the work, sound, and feel of this extraordinary performer, and more importantly, to their one-of-a-kind creative outlook. Unlike some current electronic productions, Aurka’s tracks showcase an incredible attention to details, with a sound that is organic and direct. No tricks: just loads of passion and honesty!

Marna – “Days Gone By” // Art: Bennett Ewing

Marna is an artist who immediately strikes with great personality and a really original approach to songwriting.

One of his most recent releases is a track titled “Days Gone By”, which is a lush and powerful electronic pop composition . The song falls somewhere along the lines the dark and haunting textures of artists like Daughter or Beach House, combined with the pleasant melodies of Florence and The Machine. The song has some really great melodies, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth lyrical delivery that highlights the singer’s incredible vocal prowess and dynamic skills.

The song showcases Marna’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of pop and indie/electronica.

While “Days Gone By” remains appealing and extremely direct, there is also a lot of depth to the music and concept, making for a great balance between appeal and sophistication…Who said catchy music can’t be smart?

Astronauts, etc. – “The Border” // Art: Arthur-Louis Ignore

“The Border” is a new single from the music project Astronauts, etc., and it is featured within their full-length studio album, “Living In Symbol”.

This track has a really cool neo-soul sound, which also borders with alternative music and R&B. Artists such as The Budos Band or Menahan Street Band immediately come to mind, but there is definitely more to it than vintage vibes. This clever production has been expertly conceived in order to combine some vintage tones with a modern approach. For instance, the drums are colorful and direct, and the vocals are deep and full of intensity. The song artwork cover has a very minimalistic approach, which really fits well with the aesthetics of the song itself, making for a very unique and forward-thinking combination of music and visually suggestive art. Some say that “it’s all about the music”, while other people love to also check out artworks and other media associated with the music itself – the bottom line is, it’s always nice to have yet another way to dive deeper into the consciousness of a talented musician releasing high-quality material!

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