The Saxophones – “Just You” // Stephan Dybus

The Saxophones are back with another terrific melodic hit. “Just You” is a melancholy, heartfelt doo-wop inspired ballad that evokes the 1950s with an incredibly sharp, modern pop lens. I was genuinely upset when the song was over.  If this doesn’t make you want to take a loved one and slow dance by candlelight til 3AM, nothing will.

Get more twisted beauty in your life with The Saxophones “If You’re On The Water” which we featured on VINYL MOON: Breathing Shadows.

STAL – “The Crime” // Jack Pearce

The crew is ready to make theoretical mischief a reality. Time has no bearing on the events that are about to transpire. The plan is perfect, the booze is gone, and it’s time to become the night. Your homie hands you your skateboard, are you ready to ride?

So good having new music from TBE faves STAL. We’ve heard some big things in the works too…

KLK BEATS – “Quiet Storm (feat. Daniel SkyHigh McClain & Regal)” // Jose Mertz

“Quiet Storm” is a symphony consisting of a jazzy hip-hop beat, a catchy hook, and a rapper bringing it all together. It’s hard not to compare Regal’s style to that of Drake’s, but that’s not a bad thing; Drake is successful for a reason. His bars flow effortlessly over the synthy, jazzy beat. Sit back and let the groove take you over.

Neil Friedlander – “Should Have Stayed” // Ori Toor

“Should Have Stayed” hits you with some ear candy from the second the track starts, and Friedlander’s calming voice comes in to ground you. The vocals drip like butter over the lush background in this R&B inspired indie pop triumph.

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Emerson Leif x Golden Vessel – “Hesitate” // Thinh Nguyen

Wistful, nostalgic, relaxing electronic pop that is very “vibey” as the kids say these days. ‘Hesitate’ draws influences from many of the heavy hitters in the indie electro scene, and even shares kinship with with Bon Iver’s 22, A Million — but not once does the track stray into familiar territory, having successfully carved its own path for your ears to enjoy.

Get more Golden Vessel in your life with the beautiful “Can’t Say” on VINYL MOON: still. life.

Mt. Joy – “Jenny Jenkins” // Anna Mond

“Jenny Jenkins” grabs you by the collar and throws you onto a horse, galloping into the dead of the night. A great indie country/folk track with some singalong melodies and mighty vocals to tie it all together. If there ever was a song to drink whiskey to, this would be it.

Make sure you check out Mt. Joy’s track “Sheep” on VINYL MOON Volume 026, Nightshining

Thomas Carleberg, Emil Nilsson – “Future Unfolding” // Tarntara Sudadung

There seems to be no shortage of indie video game soundtracks coming out, and many of them with vinyl releases. Rising above the mediocrity and repetitive sounds of this seemingly over-saturated market, Future Unfolding shines brightly as a beacon of relief and hope that there can still be diamonds in the rough. An absolutely gorgeous ambient track, “Future Unfolding” bombards your ears with lush, warm synths, evoking emotions you may not have realized you had as the track beautifully drones to its conclusion.

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Western Scene – “Strange but True” // Daniel Isles

“Strange but True” is a nice indie rock song that surprises you with an sonic outburst leading into the chorus. With an Interpol-like vibe at times, it carves its own path with confident, powerful vocals and masterfully constructed instrumental arrangements.