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Sixteen Stone

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Bush – Glycerine

Long ago, in a time before Gwen Stefani and “Hollaback Girl,” hell even before Gwen was “Just A Girl,” there was Bush. Fronted by future Mr. Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, they were Britain’s answer to the grunge exploding across The States. Cobain had died just months earlier and although I wont say he filled Kurt’s shoes, Gavin and Sixteen Stone personally rocked me more than the Nirvana albums. Bush’s debut was filled with growling rock jams that blasted out of my radio for all of 1995 as Sixteen Stone produced 5 awesome singles. I still remember belting out “Comedown” and “Machinehead” with all the angst my 12 year old self could summon (not much I bet) but at the end of the day it was Glycrine that stopped me cold for a somber sing-along every time. It still does. The rest of the album is great and will always transport me back to 1995 but “Glycerine” transports me somewhere else entirely. Somewhere I can’t name or place, but I like it.

BONUS: Bush – Bubbles (from the Mallrats Soundtrack)

Ok, I trust you love the movie (just nod) but I don’t know if anyone else ever listened to this Soundtrack. Quite a few jams, this one included. “You dumb bastard. It’s not a schooner… it’s a sailboat.” Oh magic eye, where did you go? One more talent I can no longer uselessly show-off…

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