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eleven times a day i hear ‘hey, watch it asshole’

♫ Adam Sandler – Ode To My Car / 1996

The title of Sandler’s sophomore comedy album is more pertinent these days than it was in 1996. The once hilarious comedian made a bee-line off the funny-wagon shortly after this album’s release and it’s generally been tough times watching anything of his since Big Daddy. It’s too bad he lost touch with his comedy. Or maybe it’s just too bad I grew up. Either way, Punch Drunk Love, Reign Over Me, and last year’s misunderstood Funny People, are great examples of the talent that lies beneath the potty humor and baby voices. Anyway, back to his comedy albums. Sandler’s mix of sketch and song served him very well on his first two albums. Both are “classic” albums in my 14 year old eyes and “Ode To My Car” has always been my favorite song off either.

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  1. iamrogue
    iamrogue says:

    Adam Sandler, crazy kid.

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  2. JoshB
    JoshB says:

    Oh God, I remember when this album came out. I had a friend I use to drive back and forth to college with each day listening to this song, in my P.o.S. '85 Toyota Tercel.

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