«Flashback« Eels – Novocaine For The Soul / In My Dreams + Little Bird

this paint by numbers life is fucking with my head

♫ Eels – Novocaine For The Soul / 1996

Oh E, you great bearded weirdo. Your ’96 classic is still your best in my book but that hasn’t stopped you from cranking out music since then. 2 albums in the past year alone! Whatever your knowledge base of Eels, E, his beard, or his music, here are a couple jams for you. Although his music is always pleasant, if not beautiful, it’s a bit to snoooze inducing for my general tastes. However, I did fall for “In My Dreams” from last years wherewolf (via his beard) inspired Hombre Lobo. “Little Bird” is the first single from the recently released End Times which sees E recording and producing every sound in his own basement. And yes, that solitude does come across in the music. Let’s leave it at that and just let you just listen.

♫ Eels – In My Dreams / From Hombre Lobo, 2009

♫ Eels – Little Bird / From End Times, 2010

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  1. JoshB
    JoshB says:

    Still one of my top 10 albums of all time. I must have listened to this album several hundred times over when I was in college. Never miss an Eels show when they come through Seattle.

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