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something that was thrown out that window was the last great symbol of my youth

♫ Five Iron Frenzy – ’79 Blue Comb / 1998

This one might be kind of obscure for those of you not into the Christian Ska/Punk scene in the 90s, a category that would not normally include me but I got into this one off the Ska compilation, Cheap Ska. Five Iron Frenzy’s debut, Upbeats and Beatdowns, doesn’t have “’79 Blue Comb” on it, nor did anything else on the LP stick with me. If you are really interested in the band there here is their Wikipedia. I’ll be chilling here, content with this fantastic ska jam and the tale of a boy and his comb. Lost innocence has ever been so fun. I never had siblings close enough in age to fuck with my stuff so I can only imagine, but I’m sure some of you have similar memories.

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