«Flashback« Ozomatli – Super Bowl Sunday + NEW Album!

i’m your corporal, rather resourceful, rippin’ rappers from their dome piece to their torso

♫ Ozomatli – Super Bowl Sundae / 1998

Ozomatli’s debut LP s one of the best albums of the 90s. Hands down. These jams defined my musical landscape for the better part of 1998. Picking a favorite was near impossible so I went with the single (Song picks up around the 1:25 mark, stick with it). I know for a fact that not enough of you know this album so do yourself a favor and grab it used from Amazon for less than 3 dollars. Their follow-up was not nearly as captivating and aside from spinning “Vocal Artillery” a whole mess of times I lost touch with the band through the 2000s.

♫ Ozomatli – Vocal Artillery / Embrace The Chaos, 2001

Their 5th album, Fire Away, just came out and after hearing that first single “45” was a jam I decided it was a perfect time to get back in touch with these latin/rock/hip-hop/world-fusion/funk masters. “45” is indeed a jam and “Malagasy Shock” is outstanding as well. The album is definitely solid stuff but I guess I am a tough customer considering my affection for their debut and Chali 2na’s excellent rhyming.

♫ Ozomatli – 45 / Fire Away, 2010

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