[#20-1] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

Well folks, this is it. The moment you have all been waiting for since I foolishly started this multipart post during SXSW. Make sure you have read Part 1 (60-41) and Part 2 (40-21) before diving into these jams. But without further ado, I present the top 20 Best Underrated Songs of the past 6 years. Listen to them closely and frequently. They deserve the love. 

20 . The Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee

When I chose this beat up old van for a bank heist getaway car I didn’t expect a band to be hiding in the back and pop up with a jangly indie jam to soundtrack my comedic attempts at inter-state police evasion!

19 . ATTU - We Are Ordinary People

“Do you remember me?” is one of the most nervewracking questions a person can ever hear. Split second elements of fear, anticipation, failure, and deep soul searching all rolled into one. Hearing it in the opening seconds of this jam is the one time the question evokes guaranteed joy.

18 . Peter and Kerry - Split For The City

If I ever need couples therapy I’d like to go to the counselor that advises hashing out your issues via hand claps, hip swinging, and sunny synths.

17 . Humans - Avec Mes Mecs

That dreadful recent Robocop reboot would have been rated at least 1 star higher if this jam had been in the opening credits and featured Robocop doing the robot while occasionally cyber-winking at the camera.

16 . Trophy Wife - Microlite

You ever have one of those lazy sunny days where you are staring out the window at the swayinh trees and suddenly one of the leaves falls off and starts drifting towards the sky instead of to the ground? Up it goes until its just out of sight against the blinding white sky and you know that since nobody but you saw it you will never be able to tell the story.

15 . Truman Peyote - New Wife, New Life

When you think about the myriad parts and functions of the human body its a miracle that they all work in such beautiful harmony. Then you remember that they have this jam to march along to and it all makes a bit more sense.

14 . Nicky Blitz - ALEX

Remember the last time you were at a house party and brushed off that guy lurking by the guacamole to get at the hottie across the room and you thought you chatted her up right and she never called you? Well guac guy went home and wrote this song and she loved it more than your dumb shoes and now they are on vacatiuon in Mexico.

13 . Wildlife - Stand in the Water

I wonder what Noah would have been like if he was alive today and grew up in Brooklyn or London or Portland and still had this heavy burden to save all the animals but also had responsibities to his band and his graphic design partner.

12 . Stay Bless - Always

Get in the car, roll the windows down, turn the volume up, hit the open road singing along at the top of your lungs, feel things welling up inside you haven’t thought about in years, pull over to the side of the road, stare at the sunset through the tears in your eyes, wonder how in the hell you ended up like this, thank your lucky stars that you did.

11 . Baby Monster - Mr. Success

If someone could please hack old school Mario Cart to play our own soundtracks I would put this jam in and definitely turtle shell the crap out of you all as I wove through synth lines and banana peels with stunning grace.

10 . Mont Oliver - 19

Because sometimes supervillians have feelings too and they funnel them into their surprisingly emotive and funky music project that strikes both fear and an urge to dance into the hearts of their minions which ends up being a bit of levity in the otherwise doom-filled profession.

9 . Cassettes Wont Listen - Into The Hillside

I always felt that Stuart Little should ditch that square red sweater for something in pleather and really take that drop top to town. I could see him really cleaning up with that combo.

8 . Bay Ledges - Tween Love

Back in middle school when I would get all nervous and call my major crush and mumble something irrelevant and borderline incoherent I probably thought it sounded as smooth, raw, and sexy as this jam.

7 . Frida Sundemo - Indigo

When I unwrapped the first gift under the tree that year I was a little dissapointed to see just a plain old rubber band gun but when I fired it and those rubber bands turned to lasers and caused all the lights in the house to strobe I was pretty stoked.

6 . Bike For Three! - All There Is To Say About Love

There is no beter way to fight the fear of walking through a dark alley at night then just turning that strut to a skip and yelling those “woah woah oh oh”s at the top of your lungs.

5 . Heavy English - 21 Flights

Fridays after work, there is no purer transformation then the shedding of work clothes and the donning of a new look and feel that will surge you into the dawn of the weekend with renewed vigor and lust for life.

4 . Brahms - Toward The Ghost (Demo)

When I see people with headphones in their ears completely blank expressions on their motionless heads and I just want to shake them and tell them they are doing it all wrong. They could be feeeeeeeling the music!

3 . The Botaniks - Fond of Jane ft. Bernhoft

Its 3 am and you have just started packing for your flight that leaves in 2 hours. Just put one foot in front of the other, one shirt on top of another. Your mind slowly pulls out of the haze and before you know it you are dancing as you zip your bag up and lock the front door.

2 . Safe - Twenty Years On

You know when people die in movies or cartoons and a white shadow floats out of their body before looking back down at the dead? I wonder if those white spirits ever meet up and hang out and eat snacks and listen to music and miss their bodies.

1 . Kids Of 88 - Tucan

With the grass on your back and your eyes hiding behind the red glow or your eyelids you wonder why its been so long since you just lay down under the sun. As your mind drifts you slowly lose grasp on where exactly upu are and damn it feels so good.

And here are the songs in a continues playlist for your casual and relaxed listening pleasure. Enjoy and make sure you have read Part 1 (60-41) and Part 2 (40-21).

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