Dubstep Roundup Vol. 11 – 2.18.2011 [M.I.A., MIKE POSNER, FENECH-SOLER, DARUDE and more…]

Holler!  Its your dub stomping Dub-dealers here with your bi-weekly fix.  Short and to the point this time.  Its friday, its Nurdy time, its just that time, so get on with it.

Ohh, and don’t go complaining to your mum when your brain jiggles a little too much for you own good.  Peace.

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♫ M.I.A. – Internet Connection – (Flux Pavilion Remix) / Being music fanatics there are few things more annoying than a bad internet connection holding you back.  Honestly, we get frustrated just thinking about it.  That being said, there has probably been a lot of creative goodness to come from such a irritating problem.  This song being one.

♫ Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) / Ohh Canadia, thank you so much for giving us the production Dj duo from Montreal.  Thank you too, Baby Jesus.  We will be hearing much, much more from these dudes.

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[MP3] PATRICK WOLF has THE jam for unleashing sunshine on this freezing CITY

darling don’t look so sad, it’s about that day we kissed, up by niagara falls, it’s about the keys, the keys, the keys, to my heart you hold

♫ Patrick Wolf – The City

It’s been a while since we heard from the reigning prince of gloom-glam and boy have things changed. I don’t know Wolf’s music too well but even I can tell that he is in a better mood. (The Independent put out a great piece today for those of you interested in Wolf’s recent love and impending marriage.) “The City” was recently recommended as an addition to our collaborative mixtape of super-fun-time-upbeat-sunshine jams and it fits perfectly. Wolf drops all pretense and get’s down to business, the business of being in love. The business of putting it all on the table and being unabashedly smitten. It’s a vulnerable place to be and a big shift for a guy who has battled so many personal demons. That captivating voice of his is layered over epic horns, crisp fingersnaps, battle drums, and piano that sends shivers down my spine. And how oddly perfect is that almost hip-hop-esque distorted baritone vocal chant?

As if the music alone wasn’t enough to become my springtime anthem, Wolf has gone and made one of the best videos (below) I can imagine accompanying such a jam. Not only is it set on Santa Monica Beach (holler!) and features a smiling Wolf, but there is also a parrot, piano playing on the sand, general beach-y giddiness, perfectly timed pigeon flying, and one very lucky fedora. This is exactly how you make a brilliant video on a budget. Watch it. Love it. Dream about it.

Lupercalia is out in May. Grab another taste, the upbeat and soaring strings-and-drums in “Time Of My Life.” Read more

Brandon’s TBE Digest 20 [2.24.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers

Got a lot of goodies here and as usual lately my super-favorites are in bold! Dig in, rock out, and see if you can spot my Web Sheriff baiting. It’s been a while since that guy came around! What gives?

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♫ The Kills – Satellite / Mosshart finally gets back to The Kills and we’ve got a new album on the horizon! Although, I was hoping for a bit more punch.

♫ Say Hi – Devils / Long time TBE faves return with a bit more of a folksy vibe but the same signature vocals and shuffling Read more

[MP3] MOTOPONY may be the KING OF all those songs with DIAMONDS in the title

spades and clubs they just ain’t shining, and my heart knows nothing’s free

♫ Motopony – King of Diamonds

So how many awesome things are going on here? The name says rock n roll tempered with tenderness. The logo is t-shirt ready. The album art is prime for it’s own adventure comic. And the music, oh, the music, is just perfect. Shuffling percussion, sparse piano, delicately churning guitar, and just a splash of xylophone roll through my speakers as I sink into my chair and soak in frontman Daniel Blue’s uniquely gripping vocals. Seattle’s Motopony have only just broke on the scene with this one track but have already been given love from KCRW and were named “Tacoma’s Best New Band by KEXP. I look forward to more jams. And that comic spin-off.

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[MP3] CLINTON CURTIS wants to be partying on 2ND AVENUE and have a BALL until the end

this is the last night, one more time girl to get it just right

♫ Clinton Curtis – 2nd Avenue Ball

“2nd Avenue Ball” is apparently about “a mythical ballroom on NYC’s 2nd Avenue, where partygoers have decided to rage on the last day of civilization rather than fearfully accept their fate.” It certainly sounds like the way I’d like to go out and I’d be pretty stoked to have a track like this keeping us party people groovin’ until the end. It would be nice to appeal a bit to everyone’s tastes at a ruckus like that and “2nd Avenus Ball” has enough of that throwback appeal that even our parents could get down with us.

Clinton Curtis was raised by dancehall owning parents in West Jamaica where his situation led him to play with greats like Desmond Dekker as a kid. No surprise he was labeled a musical prodigy and when he eventually moved to NYC at 17 he started busting out his own jams. “2nd Avenue Ball” is the title-track of Curtis’ second LP which is out March 22nd and could end up soundtracking more than one roof-blowing party this summer.

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[EP] JACK LITTMAN has an ep that i GOT2HAVEU all get a copy off

wintertime will turn to spring, seasons change but don’t you change a thing

♫ Jack Littman – Got2HaveU

Since I posted on Jack Littman’s “Sinking Ship” 2 weeks ago, his total Last.fm listens has gone from 18 to 122. Relatively, that’s a pretty good increase but I know that half of those are mine. Not enough people are getting on this guy’s jams.

Right after posting “Sinking Ship” I picked up the rest of his very awesome and very free EP The Mixtape (not an actual mixtape, all original) and have been listening to it nonstop. I just had to post about it again on TBE. This is my favorite EP of the year so far and a shoe-in for the Top of 2011 list. On a more funky jam like “Got2HaveU” (unfortunate about the spelling) Jack’s earnest and hopeful vocals, along with the powerful beat, provide a nice uptick after the more brooding “Sinking Ship.” All 6 tracks tread the perfect balance between a sort of ominous darkness and an undeniable infectiousness.  They are love songs without the sugar. Dance songs without the club lights. Sex songs without the innuendo. Every track has something unique going on. There is the twinkling xylophone on “Little Pretty Thing,”  the astounding guitar work on “Waiting,” Jack’s lusty rapping on “Goochie Goo,” and the acoustic delicacy of “Undercover Lover.” The Mixtape‘s production is minimal, leaving each song plenty of breathing room. Never over-stuffed, I feel the power of each instrument as they assemble the unique final product. I would post every song here but that would be silly. I really cant recommend this EP enough. And it’s free. He’s on tour now so go see him before he blows up proper. Talent like this surely won’t stay relegated to this little blog forever.

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[MP3] ALEXIS WEAK says at least 112 things i don’t understand. But that’s ok.


♫ Alexis Weak – 112

Having been fully immersed in Stieg Larsson‘s Millenium trilogy lately, it’s only appropriate to throw Stockholm some love. Hailing from that fair city, Alexis Weak is the latest tip from my Swedish music source and I was immediately caught by the simple yet effective stylings of “112.” I have no idea what is being said here but I’m guessing it’s something along the lines of hanging with the bros, repping your hood, and generally being fresh. At least, that’s what the video kinda implies. But whatever, I’m down. “112” is from the full LP Till Minne Av which is out now. Anyone who wants throw us some translation love in the comments?

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[MP3] ROCKY BUSINESS have a jam that could either be their or ROCKY’S THEME

put your hands in the air, like balboa at the top of the stairs

♫ Rocky Business – Rocky’s Theme

If you are feeling Theophilus London’s vibe then you need to get some Rocky Business in your life. “Rocky’s Theme” is straight indie/rap/funk magic with a kinetic beat, popping rhymes, and a catchy chorus. Bed-Stuy MC Strictly Business trades lines with Toronto’s Johnny On The Rocks and together they whip up some real nice head-bobbing swagger music. I haven’t heard the rest of their debut EP A Rebel’s Roar yet but it drops March 22. But before that you’ll get a chance to grab their 2nd free mixtape, White People Deal Drugs Too on Feb 22. The next day they headline Mercury Lounge in NYC. Get on that! I have a sneaking suspicion that these guys are bringing some serious A-game.

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