[#40-21] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

STOP! If you haven’t read Part 1 which features #60-41 then do that first. Besides all the great jams in there, it is where I wrote all the sentimental self-congratulatory stuff so pay your respects, man.

Ok, on with the Hot Underrated Jamz. 

40 . Jape - Seance Of Light

Listening to this song is weird for me becasue when I hear it I want to go “oooohhhh!” in a positive awestruck way but then he is singing “ooooooh” in just a melodic element way and I get confused by the matching oohs that mean different things.

39 . Not Squares - Asylum

Your mom always told you not to bang your boots on the fishtank full of junkie barracudas and now you know why! I hope your bloody nose heals. Or not, its your fault anyway.

38 . Tiny Victories - Lost Weekend

This is by no means “dad-rock” but I kinda wish my dad was in a band like this because then I could go see him rock out and be inspired by his spry moves and not give up my own dance development.

37 . Thumpers - Dancings Done

I love a good misleading song title because I’m pretty gullible so I was totally ready to be done dancing but then a minute in they flip the script and its totally a dance jam and I’ve basically been M. Night Shyamalan-ed. Nice.

36 . Whitey - Brief and Bright

Cause sometimes you are just chilling watching old classic movies on TMC and then that business pops into technicolor and you are pretty sure you aren’t watching The Wizard Of Oz but then you realize its your neighbor (me!) blasting Whitey and it’s altering your color perception.

35 . Wild Light - California On My Mind

If you are gonna have both a tamborine AND harmonica prominiently featured in your indie-folk jam then I highly reccomend you drop F bombs in the chorus so the ladies will know you aren’t soft and will still let you buy them a malted after the show.

34 . CIVIL CIVIC - Less Unless

Uh Oh… we’re in space again. But there is nothing cute about these 8-eyed Martian terrors with lasers for blinks and galactic sand in their corneas! Its a fight to the death and your only weapon is the amp that goes to 11!

33 . MEN (US) - Simultaneously

Its sticky, hot, and smells like Alligator foot but at least you have your health. And that bag full of casino chips. Time to peel yourself out of the mud and get back to the penny slots. Uncle Vic said its all about the damn penny slots.

32 . NoMBe - Seminole

Hello? Who is there? Oh, this is pleasant! Much nicer then the ususal heavy breathing I hear on the other line (that creep!). This handset doesn’t do that bass justice but I’m feelin it!

31 . Museum of Bellas Artes - Who Do You Love

Remember the kids toy that was a duck with rotating flappy feet that slapped the ground when you pushed it along? Yeah, dont let those things get drunk. I mean, officially I have to say “don’t do it” but unoffifally, its hilarious.

30 . Johnny Neon - Hearts

This song kinda makes me mad because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party as good as this songs make parties sound. There is never enough day-glo, amirite?

29 . Yalls - Germs

You can’t blame every slug in your garden for ruining your plants because its really just that one baller slug with heavy swagger who does whatever he wants. Anyway, this is what he listens to when he is eating your arugula.

28 . Daniel Wilson - If You Went Away

Daniel Wilson is not afraid of telling it how it is. Of inficting that unfairly gorgeus voice on the world through swelling and tender songs like this. I would truly be bummed if Wilson ever went away.

27 . Acollective - Stolen Goods

This song is like walking into a random bar in a new city and noticing the house band is playing something nice in the back but as you make your way past the tables of aging drunks and failing flirtations the music erupts onto a new plane and you forget about rdering that drink until at least the end of the song.

26 . Moneybrother - Born Under A Bad Sign

If I was born in the 50s and had a teenage bike gang this would our anthem and we would have sweet coreographed moves as well as perfect “oooh oooh!” harmionies.

25 . POINDEXTER - Helpless

I certainly didn’t fall alseep in a zero gravity approximation of a sunset luau so I’m not really sure how I woke up in one but damn if it isn’t fun trying to drink margarita’s as they float by my face in globules of glistening refreshment.

24 . Butcher Blades/ - The Swan Machine

Uh oh, the gravity on that dream beach kicked in and besides my margarita being dashed into the sand, there are now party pirates attacking our serene hang session. Good thing we were all actually in the mood to dance around the steel drum.

23 . Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine

The next time all your houseplants come to life and you have to whip them into shape as a hardened troup of fighting fauna this is the song to edit the video clips of the traning sessions to.

22 . Brett - Rap Songs

I don’t think any actual rap songs ever started out with a needly little guitar part like this (except maybe one P. Diddy song from the late 90s) but definitely none have had off kilter percussion magic like this.

21 . Warships - Flash Flood

All you got is 13 dollars and the fresh wounds of a broken heart but then this jam comes on in the car and suddenly the jitters in your brain give way to somethinng resembling peace and calm with the world.

And here are the songs in a continues playlist for your casual and relaxed listening pleasure. Enjoy! Next up is #20-#1!

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