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Freedom Fry – “Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na)”

Music for… people who appreciate creative percussion. (And Na na nas.) ((And smiling)). This song started with us stomping on nearly every piece of furniture we own until we had a beat on our hands. If we remember correctly Bruce played the floor and Marie played the desk. Location: Los Angeles, CA Future: A couple […]


[MP3] Gatsby’s American Dream – “Modern Man”

think a little, do a lot, take whatever hits the spot ♫ Gatsby’s American Dream – Modern Man Who: Nic, Bobby, Kirk, Rudy, Kyle, Ryan What: Jumpy guitar indie, like J. Roddy Walston, My Chemical Romance, Where: Seattle, WA + Facebook When: We are patiently waiting for a new album. Why: 2005’s Volcano is one of the seminal albums of the mid […]


CLUES APPROACH THE THRONE of rock on this jam

whisper in the air, every second word ♫ Clues – Approach The Throne “Approach The Throne” is one of the those tunes I have been “na na na na”-ing too by myself for a couple months now and it’s time I share. Limp-limbedly thrashing about my bedrooom is no fun alone. Come over and we’ll […]