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[MP3] Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”

i don’t wanna be a father, i don’t wanna be a ghost, i don’t wanna be a lover ♫ Baby Monster – City of Lovers Who: Marty & Danny What: Space pop, like Penguin Prison, Ghost Beach, Midi Matilda Where: Los Angeles, CA + Facebook When: City of Lovers EP is out now. Why: We love ourselves some […]


[MP3] *PREMIERE* Baby Monster – “The General of Hot Desire”

it picks you up and takes you far away ♫ Baby Monster – The General of Hot Desire ‘Tis the season for sharing, caring, goodwill, and – as our friend at the right will agree with – peace and love. Joining the holiday spirit this year are TBE favorites Baby Monster who have cooked up this […]



♫ Baby Monster- Ultra violence and Beethoven I have been digging through my music files of the last year and realized a tragedy…  I never shared one of my absolute favorite songs of the year (although released in late 09).  Baby Monster’s “Ultra violence and Beethoven” and its spacey synths are other worldly.  In fact, if […]


[#20-1] The 60 Best Underrated Songs of the Past 6 Years (3000 Posts)

Well folks, this is it. The moment you have all been waiting for since I foolishly started this multipart post during SXSW. Make sure you have read Part 1 (60-41) and Part 2 (40-21) before diving into these jams. But without further ado, I present the top 20 Best Underrated Songs of the past 6 years. Listen to […]


[PREMIERE] Pr0files – “Call Yourself A Lover”

This debut track from Los Angeles’ Pr0files is working with a lot of the throwback 80s synth groove elements that I love so much these days. However, everything here seems tightened and polished to near perfection. Listening is like living simultaneously in my bedroom and the middle of a VHS tape about city skylines. The […]


[STREAM/VIDEO] Flight Facilities – “With You” feat. Grovesnor

well you say you’re feeling crazy and i’m feeling crazy too but i couldn’t carry on like this without it hurting you Who: “Captain Earnest Bon-Huffington, Madame Francois de Lundenkopf, Esquire Winston Humphries III and Fred” What: Soulful electro grooves, like Goldroom, Van She, Baby Monster Where: Australia + Facebook When: Buy their singles. Why: This is […]