Amos The Transparent gave me Lemons, hoping for lemonade


cause true love shouldn’t have to be convinced every week

Amos The Transparent – Lemons a.k.a Big Fish Little Pond

When I the twangy strumming of “Lemons” first seeped into my ears I was instantly intrigued. Further listens fostered further love and it quickly became my go-to mellow jam. Learning that “Lemons” is from Amos The Transparent’s upcoming sophomore album I sought out their debut Everything I’ve Forgotten To Forget in search of more magic. Sadly, their overuse of failing-memory related terms seem to have made the album, well, forgettable. It provided nothing memorable or worth singling out here. Trust me, I tried. So here’s to hoping that Amos’ forthcoming LP My, What Big Teeth You Have… will bring the breathy brooding heat, à la “Lemons.”

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