APRE – “All Yours” // Art: Tierney Milne

APRE is an interesting project with a very eclectic sound. The act’s recent single explores genres as diverse as alternative rock, pop, electronica and new wave, tipping the hat off to artists as diverse as Foals, Minus The Bear or Empire Of The Sun, only to mention but a few. The beat is direct and straightforward, acting as a perfect backdrop for the swirly guitar lines and cool synth tones. The vocals are upbeat and infectious, bringing an appealing pop edge to the mix. In terms of production, this song is quite textural, as APRE focused on creating some exciting sonic landscapes, surrounding the song and adding a lot of dimension to the track. “All Yours” is a really great example of how “less is more” when it comes to great songwriting. A few guitar hooks, catchy singing, good lyrics and a solid beat: all you need for a song that won’t leave your heavy rotation anytime soon.