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[PREMIERE] Caicos – “Washed Up” Video

When I listen to a new song, I try and pay attention to the things it makes me want to do. And usually my favorite new songs make me want to do a variety of things, some of which might seem contradictory. For instance, “Washed Up” makes me want to lounge lazily in a grassy […]

FOX GRIN – “Memoria” // Art: Linda Brownlee

Visual art above by Linda Brownlee [via] With plenty of soft 80’s arpeggiated synths and airy vocals, light as a summer breeze, “Memoria” is (appropriately) steeped in nostalgia. Fox Grin’s dream pop is saturated in pleasant tones, but “Memoria” is also buoyant and active. If you use it as the soundtrack to daydreaming, you’ll want […]

Krrum – “Waves” // Art: INO

Visual art above by INO [via] A male & female vocal duet, pulsing synths, and the force of a full electronic drumline – “Waves” is an onslaught of energy. Krrum’s maximalist production is perfect to power you through the last half-mile of your run, to pump you up before your big meeting, or to get […]

Mk.gee – “Over Here” // Art: Es Devlin

Visual art above by Es Devlin [via] MK.gee has just dropped a new track titled “Over Here”, which sounds like San Cisco jamming with Alvvays. Synths are drenched in sunshine and funk, and big drums offer plenty to work with whether your dance skills are top-notch or more “Uncle Steve at a wedding”. Crank the bass […]

Glassio – “New York, New York II” // Art: Aleia Murawski & Samuel Copeland

Visual art above by Aleia Murawski & Samuel Copeland [via] Glassio gives us Big Apple dreams on their latest, “New York, New York II”, laced with just the right amount of wistful and melancholy. The verses call to mind the left-field production style of Baths, while the choruses launch into grand pop sheen. I’ve found […]

The Burning Ear July 2018 Spotify Playlist

Poolside tunes got some extra love this last month – perhaps wishful thinking on our part, as we pushed through some particularly gnarly heatwaves. But we had some great tunes to help us do the pushing. What did you find burning up your speakers this month? As always, be sure to follow us on Spotify […]

The Millennial Club – “Santa Barbara” // Art: Chris Wood

Visual art above by Chris Wood [via] “Santa Barbara” is a luscious morsel of dream pop, perfect for gazing out of windows or across any vista you encounter. With elements of neo soul and indie rock tucked beneath blankets of soothing distortion, this track is perfect to either accompany your summer vacations, or to create little […]