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The Burning Ear March 2018 Spotify Playlist

I always wonder if longer days and warmer skies correlate with a shift in music listening habits. Looking back at the last month, I’m noticing glossier sounds and happier themes, like we’re pre-gaming for vacations and picnics already. But we gave plenty of love rainy day tracks, too – lots of songs channel slushy snow […]

The Burning Ear’s January 2018 Spotify Playlist

Supposedly, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, which is why The Burning Ear is suggesting a brilliant new idea: Retroactive Resolutions. With Retroactive Resolutions, you decide what your resolution was after the first month of the new year, giving you the chance to accomplish something you’re already mostly done with anyway, […]

VINYL MOON Volume 029: Marrow Siren

We’re happy to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, a unique record club that takes exciting new musical artists and visual artists each month to create a one-of-a-kind record with original, deluxe art and your new favorite songs, all in one package. Volume 029: Marrow Siren will lure you in with psychedelic coral and skeletal […]

Her – “We Choose” // Elspeth Diederix

Visual art above by Elspeth Diederix [via] “We Choose” isn’t a surprising song – you could probably guess within the first few seconds that there’d be a gospel choir and horns getting involved at some point, and you’d be absolutely right. But that doesn’t make the hands-in-the-air moment any less powerful. The real challenge will […]

Jack Grace – “All Lost” // Slava Semeniuta

Visual art above by Slava Semeniuta [via] What could have been a saccharine piano ballad becomes something else entirely due to clever production and a brutally honest performance from Jack Grace. “I shouldn’t love you” is the defining line here, and you feel every part of the emotional smoke-bomb as Grace tries to balance self-preservation, […]

VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition

It’s time once again to present the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a unique mix of hot new artists to vinyl, housed in original art and packaging by some of the coolest visual artists around. Volume 028: Long Intuition manages to wow in both granular detail as well as […]