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Her – “We Choose” // Elspeth Diederix

Visual art above by Elspeth Diederix [via] “We Choose” isn’t a surprising song – you could probably guess within the first few seconds that there’d be a gospel choir and horns getting involved at some point, and you’d be absolutely right. But that doesn’t make the hands-in-the-air moment any less powerful. The real challenge will […]

Jack Grace – “All Lost” // Slava Semeniuta

Visual art above by Slava Semeniuta [via] What could have been a saccharine piano ballad becomes something else entirely due to clever production and a brutally honest performance from Jack Grace. “I shouldn’t love you” is the defining line here, and you feel every part of the emotional smoke-bomb as Grace tries to balance self-preservation, […]

VINYL MOON Volume 028: Long Intuition

It’s time once again to present the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a unique mix of hot new artists to vinyl, housed in original art and packaging by some of the coolest visual artists around. Volume 028: Long Intuition manages to wow in both granular detail as well as […]

Captain Kidd – “WILD” // Manuela Lendroyo

Visual art above by Manuela Lendroyo [via] The bass in the chorus for “Wild” , the new jam from recent TBE faves Captain Kidd, is worth the price of admission on its own. But the plush vocals and effortless groove are no slouches, either. Equally suited for chill background vibes or full eyes-closed immersion. There’s […]

Oliver Hazard – “Caesar Knows” // Alex Grigg

Visual art above by Alex Grigg [via] Get immediately transported to a smokey wooden barroom with “Caesar Knows”. From the first squawk to the last yell, Oliver Hazard wastes no time dialing in the Americana joy and getting your feet stomping. This is the first song on their Soundcloud, so hopefully this is a sign […]

Anoraak – “Last Call” [SONG + VIDEO]

Anoraak’s new song proves what we’ve known for a long time – his music makes the most epic soundtracks. And to prove it, the official video for “Last Call” plays like the introductory to a massive blockbuster about warriors, champions, virtual reality, and the neon hyperreality of Japan. Anoraak gives it all a space disco […]