Entries by Jason Adams

The Hails – “Younger” // Art: Athi-Patra Ruga

Visual art above by Athi-Patra Ruga [via] Steady jazzy chords fill in the open spaces left by a consistent bass groove on new single from The Hails, “Younger”. The verses strut along, politely posturing, until the chorus blows the roof open, shimmering with life and energy. Like the peppy younger brother of Mac DeMarco and […]

The Brothers Moore – “I Can Relate” // Art: Niall McDiarmid

Visual art above by Niall McDiarmid [via] “I Can Relate” channels the songwriting heights of greats such as Kings Of Leon with vocals from the school of the late, great Chris Cornell. The guitars are huge, the drums are thunder, and you can practically feel the wind in your hair. Or is that just the […]

Overjoy – “Same” // Art: Riki Fukuda

Visual art above by Riki Fukuda [via] An undeniable bassline and strong disco grooves mesh with Overjoy’s muted melancholy on “Same”. As with all of Overjoy’s music, the production is top-notch, not content to use the same tricks more than once. Alexis Moraites’ vocal performance ties everything together, making “Same” equally suited for emotive singalongs […]

Magic City Hippies – “Body Like A Weapon” // Art: Sacha Beeley

Visual art above by Sacha Beeley [via] As you might guess from the title, “Body Like A Weapon” is bold and seductive. It’s grab-bag of influences makes the Gorillaz a worthy comparison, but Magic City Hippies also show a powerful funk swagger that would make Rick James proud. Like its subject, this song is dangerous […]

Phoria – “When Everything Was Mine” // Art: Pepe Lopez

Visual art above by Pepe Lopez [via] “When Everything Was Mine” is lush and meditative, chanting the titular mantra for the first two minutes of the track before a poetic bridge releases all of the tension. The latter returns to the chant, building energy to explosive levels as synths and drones swirl overhead like a […]

[PREMIERE] Quiet Domino – “Mystery Cup”

It’s easy to slap a Thom Yorke comparison on any left-leaning electronic song with falsetto male vocals, but “Mystery Cup” is much more than another copycat track indebted to King Of Limbs. A unique skittering percussion loop keeps things active even at the most minimal moments, but manages to never interfere with Quiet Domino’s voice as […]

Riah – “Prom” // Art: Julie Gautier

Visual art above by Julie Gautier [via] “Prom” is an apt title for a song that channels muted pastels, magenta lights from above, and slowdances where neither partner is quite sure of themselves. Riah’s insistent chorus of “Don’t wanna call, but I’m thinking bout you” is the perfect blend of teenage maturity and melancholy. Best […]

Koresma, Feverkin, Sendai Mike – “Bluff” // Art: Michelle Kingdom

Visual art above by Michelle Kingdom [via] In the last minute of “Bluff”, we get vague outlines of a string section that might have been, and it’s a moment where the outline makes a much bigger impact than the full element would. Complete with a smoldering bassline, this three-way collaboration is a perfect accompaniment for […]