Entries by Jason Adams

ELOHIM – “Hallucinating” // Art: César Pelizer

Visual art above by César Pelizer [via] It’s time to pack away your coats and scarves, because ELOHIM has released her new album and it contains this undeniable summertime jam. From the surf guitar to the mariachi brass, if you aren’t poolside when this song comes on, you’ll want to be. Just don’t slip as […]

Inspired & the Sleep – “First Time” // Art: Lisa Lloyd

Visual art above by Lisa Lloyd [via] “First Time” is a straight-forward song – light guitar chugs follow the constant bass and simple drum pattern – but the lack of complicated instrumentation leaves lots of space for the earnest voice and the big payoff of the chorus. It’s the rare pop song that feels familiar […]

Erki Pärnoja – “Leva” // Art: Hedvig Jenning

Visual art above by Hedvig Jenning [via] With a beginning that could have been written by Sigur Rós, a middle that could be a Warpaint song, and a ripping finale that sounds indebted to Jack White, Erki Pärnoja covers a lot of ground in “Leva”. But despite these three very different musical touchpoints, the song […]

Superheart – “Satellite” // Art: Refik Anadol

Visual art above by Refik Anadol [via] Superheart is one of our recent favorites and they deliver again. Superheart describes themselves as “dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music”, and they check every one of those boxes on “Satellite”. The song doesn’t so much play as it floats, buoyed along by bottomless synths, airy guitar passages, and […]

Koresma – “The Overlook (Common Tiger Remix)” + “Forest Sang” (Good Lee Remix) // Art: Julian Glander

Visual art above by Julian Glander [via] This remix of TBE favorite “The Overlook” starts off faithful to the original, but the DJ flips, re-pitching, and new parts grow as you make your way through, leaning more fully into the trip-hop elements present in the original and giving it an attitude that was missing before. […]

DYAN – “Cycling Trivialities” (cover) // Art: Fredrik Lerneryd

Visual art above by Fredrik Lerneryd [via] Updating the placid finger plucked guitar to cosmic bell synths and Jose Gonzalez’s police voice to the precise vocals of Alexis Marsh, DYAN’s cover of “Cycling Trivialities” is elegant and considered. Despite the challenge of the song resting on the same chords for most of its duration, DYAN […]