Entries by Jason Adams

Stalking Gia – “Siren” // Jules de Balincourt

Visual art above by Jules de Balincourt [via] A sweet song with malicious intent, Stalking Gia tucks her threatening lyrics between swooping underwater pads and a gentle groove. She sings “Never trust love,” but I’m putting all my trust in the funky bass during the chorus.

VILDE – “Maintain” // Vaka Valo

Visual art above by Vaka Valo [via] VILDE has the genre tag ‘#study dance’ on all of his recent songs, so I’m just wondering – does he intend his music to be used only when people are studying? Or is he demanding that we all seek out a dance education? Perhaps there is a specific dance […]

GRMLN – “27 Kids” // Théo Guignard

Visual art above by Théo Guignard [via] Some songs are meant to be danced to in clubs, or grand halls, or dark warehouse spaces. Others, like GRMLN’s “27 Kids”, demand socks and hardwood floors. “27 Kids” is the first single from GRMLN’s album ‘Discovery’, out on April 7th.

THRILLERS – “HEAT (Prod. by Back Talk)” // Allison Reimold

Visual art above by Allison Reimold [via] There’s nothing subtle about “HEAT,” and that’s ok. Sometimes you’re not looking for nuance or delicacy – sometimes you’re looking for the biggest kick drums and brightest lights out there. THRILLERS give you that extra push for your next night out. THRILLERS’ debut Album “Break Free” is out May […]

Leifur James – “Time” // Olaf Hajek

Visual art above by Olaf Hajek [via] Leifur James gives us something expansive, otherworldly, yet soothingly familiar with “Time”. I keep trying to use it as ambient background music, but then I find myself getting lost in the textures of the suitcase keys, the tasteful sax lines and billowing production touches….uh, where was I? Oh, right. […]

Klyne – “Still Not Over You” // Anna Taberko

Visual art above by Anna Taberko [via] There must be something magical in that Dutch air, because even though Klyne is signing about heartbreak, all I hear is sunshine and good times. Find yourself in your own summery corner of Amsterdam with “Still Not Over You”.

Wild & Free — “Moment” // Eric Lefaure

Visual art above by Eric Lefaure [via] Wild & Free wrote “Moment” as a panacea to the Ghost Ship Fire tragedy, though you’d never expect those origins from such a unshakably positive song. As the bassline intertwines with the duo’s velvet-smooth vocals, there’s not much else to do but find a nearby friend to come join you […]