Entries by Jason Adams

Dabin – “Hazy” // Onur

Visual art above by Onur [via] This is strutting music. Friday payday music. “We don’t care what they think about us” music. Bust out the buzzed-uncle-at-a-wedding dance moves and get down with Dabin.

The Burning Ear’s April 2017 Spotify Playlist

The Burning Ear sends out a lot of music each month, so you’d be forgiven for missing some songs. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our new monthly Spotify playlists. We gather all the available tracks we’ve posted in one place, add them as they’re posted, and shoot them out as a monthly recap. Check […]

WEIRDO + CO – “COUNT ME OUT” // A K A Outwork

Visual art above by A K A Outwork [via] WEIRDO + CO certainly earn their name on “Count Me Out,” a left-of-center pop song that marinates in its own unease. Just like a bad relationship that you can’t get enough of, the ever-so-slightly detuned synths and dark lyrics keep drawing me back in.

Retro Culture – “Heart Attack” // Tyrell Waiters

Visual art above by Tyrell Waiters [via] Unhappy relationships suck, but “Heart Attack” sounds like a bad romance in space. That’s gotta take some of the edge off, right? Because “Heart Attack” has enough groove in it’s pocket to power a rocketship. Oh well, one person’s heartache is another person’s disco jam. Get more of Retro Culture’s sweet sadness […]

Pr0files – “Money” // Sean Mahan

Visual art above by Sean Mahan [via] Pr0file’s “Money” is a song to sink into over repeated listens, with everything from the lush pads to the self-conflicted lyrics offering more every time you hear it. I’m a strong proponent of melancholy summer songs, and this deserves a prime spot on any road trip playlists. Delve even […]

Night Drive – “Rise and Fall” + “Rise and Fall (Classixx remix)” // Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock

Visual art above by Kelly Tunstall & Ferris Plock [via] Five minutes after I switched on “Rise and Fall”, I came to having turned off all the lights in my apartment and created a full-scale light show with every glowing object I owned. I either need help or more lights, and I’m leaning heavily towards the […]

Lizzy Land – “Beat Goes On” // Revok

Visual art above by Revok [via] I’m really at a loss as to whether Lizzy Land’s “Beat Goes On” is better suited for sunny skies or nocturnal celebrations. Her coy voice and pulsing beat really lend themselves to disco balls and dance floors, but there’s sparkling guitars and tropical percussion that scream little cocktail umbrellas and […]