Entries by Jason Adams

Melis – “Love Song Idea” // David McConochie

Visual art above by David McConochie [via] You know that tender, slightly anxious feeling you get when you hear an isolated voice? Perhaps you’ve finally cajoled your friend into playing that song she wrote to an audience of two, all alone in someone’s living room. Melis captures that exposed, vulnerable feeling in a lo-fi love song […]

Mt. Joy – “Cardinal” // Gregory Euclide

Visual art above by Gregory Euclide [via] I don’t care if Mt. Joy is singing about snow angels and Pennsylvania in the winter. “Cardinal” makes me want to roll out a picnic blanket, bust out the lemonade, and invite all my ne’er-do-well friends out for some daytime debauchery. Joey’s bringing a flask, and Corinne knows a […]

The Aces – “Physical” // Erin Riley

Visual art above by Erin Riley [via] When the Aces sing “We’re just physical,” are they referring to the fact that I can’t help but shred a mean air guitar as I listen to this song? Or that my hips seem to grow a mind of their own? No? Oh. I might have to listen to […]

Kent Odessa – “Palms Motel” // Bruce Riley

Visual art above by Bruce Riley [via] Clearly someone’s been reading my diary, since Kent Odessa has managed to craft a song with a) filthy bass, b) luscious synths, c) call-and-response vocals, and d) seriously though, that bass. I’m about to book a vacation just so I can dance to this in a hotel room. 

Kyson – “Pictures” + “Wattle Rise” // Brian Batt

Visual art above by Brian Batt [via] You’re alone at a bus stop, the bus hasn’t come for over an hour, and there’s a steady stream of cars whizzing by. You might feel alone, exposed, contemplative – but don’t worry. Kyson is right here with you, he knows exactly what you’re going through, and he’s even […]

Mustard & The Silverfish – “Jubilee Green” // Kelsey McClellan & Michelle Maguire

Visual art above by Kelsey McClellan & Michelle Maguire [via] In “Jubilee Green,” Mustard & The Silverfish ask where their shoes are taking them, but I’m much more concerned about those cosmic organs taking me on an interplanetary journey that I’m not ready for. Not because I don’t want to go, but I forgot to bring […]

Only Girl – “Fortune” // Artem Cheboha

Visual art above by Artem Cheboha [via] Ok, that’s cool, Only Girl’s lovely voice with some warm keys and backing vocals, this is very pleasant, and – WOAH, this chorus came out of NOWHERE. There’s only 3 or 4 voices but it sounds like everything in the world is singing along. Lighters up, people, this is […]