Entries by Brandon

Shelita Burke – “Drive” // J. Louis

Visual art above by J. Louis [via] This majestic electro pop song creates a beautiful blend of electronic synth, synth strings, Flume-like beats, and Burke’s clean vocals to convey its vast atmosphere.  The emotional end result is a song of longing for a loved one’s companionship, soundtracking the feelings of attachment and perfect the nights […]

Lyves – “Holding Back” // Kim Cogan

Visual art above by Kim Cogan [via] Lyves weaves her emotion through an industrial soundscape and a hauntingly beautiful piano.  The song can be both chilling and comforting.  But whether “Holding Back” aches your pains or helps wash them away, you’ll find yourself wanting more of Lyves superior vocals. For another dose of catharsis check […]

Ben Phipps – “Mrs Mr” ft. Lizzy Land // Nuria Riaza

Visual art above by Nuria Riaza [via] Oooh yes please!The awesome Ben Phipps teams up with our beloved Lizzy Land for a killer combo jam that is full of silky bounce that is perfect for Friday evening. This is like when two of your favorite friends hook up and you realize that they make a great […]

Fort Lean – “Quiet Day” (Boody Remix ft. Heems) // Tarosuke

Visual art above by Tarosuke [via] I’ve long been missing me some Heems but I never expected I was get my fix in a Fort Lean remix. Damn if I am not super pleasantly surprised. I’ve had this on repeat for days and love it more every time. Can we get a full EP of […]

Best Friend – “In Film” // Robert C. Jackson

Visual art above by Robert C. Jackson [via] Their album art says it all! Spend the weekend with Best Friend! I recommend both “In Film” and your real ones (and some bubbles) for maximum enjoyment. You can thank us when you are buying some aloe on Monday. And use “Full Colour” to ease back into […]

Queen Alaska – “UNDER MY SKIN” // Josh Keyes

Visual art above by Josh Keyes [via] This weekend float away with Queen Alaska’s dreamy, glitchy, catchy “Under My Skin”. The perfect song to lose yourself in as your consciousness slips in and out during this heat wave…