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CRUISR – “Mind Eraser” // Art: Jee-ook Choi

Visual art above by Jee-ook Choi [via] It is always a good day when a new CRUISR jam drops and this sunshine-season timing is impeccable. Perfect weather to bust out into full indie-pop dance mode and break the sweat that CRUISR always kicks off. But don’t let “Mind Eraser”‘s sparkling indie-pop fool you. Opening with […]

Elle Belle – “The Real World” // Art: Felipe Pantone

Visual art above by Felip Pantone [via] This new jam from TBE faves Elle Belle is the kind funky throwback grooves and hushed vocals that gets my feet shuffling towards the door on a Friday night. “The Real World” is an apt title for a song that makes me want to leave the Netflix behind and […]

The Millennial Club – “love is so hard!” // Kip Omolade

Visual art above by Kip Omolade [via] “love is so hard!” needs some peanut butter, because it’s a JAM. Tasty, dreamy R&B with vocals reminiscent of John Mayer and music backing it that is nothing like John Mayer — it’s definitely worth your ears for a listen if you’re looking to relax and slip into […]

The Burning Ear’s December 2017 Spotify Playlist

We’re still foggy from the holidays and not entirely sure what day it is. Is it Wednesday? Is it Saturday? Should I be wearing pants? But what we DO know is that December had a slew of especially amazing music. Make sure to revisit the capstone to 2017 by spending some time with our playlist […]

[PREMIERE] Young Mister – “Christmas, Come Early This Year” // Cristian Marianciuc

Visual art above by Cristian Marianciuc [via]Christmas, Come Early this Year by Young Mister Our dear favorite Young mister just made his own wish come true for all of us by delivering a Christmas gift early this year. “Christmas, Come Early This Year” is a beautiful and tender song about yearning for the holidays and […]

Shyla Buff – “An Indication” // Abkhazia Gagra

Visual art above by Abkhazia Gagra [via] Shyla Buff got vibes for days and days washing over me as I hit repeat with one hand and try to hold onto this kelp bush with the other. “An Indication” is the perfect jam for keeping a bit of sunshine going into these winter months. More please!

Julian Gray – “Navigate” // Brad Gray

Visual art above by Brad Gray [via] It takes a minute to lumber over to the fridge and crack my ice cold Crystal Pepsi, but once a few sips hit my lips, I’m ready to fly! Cranking “Navigate” makes me want to grab my hover-board and shred into the neon sunset with a fingerless glove […]