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Brakes ask that you Don’t Take Me To Space, Man

singing goddamn i’m happy just to be alive Brakes – Dont Take Me To Space (Man) You may have noticed that new little eMusic Daily Download box in the right sidebar. eMusic subscribers can pick up a free song everyday! What does Amazon give you? One a week? Ha! That, along with a million other […]

Datarock finally Give It Up

you gotta keep up your guard, you gotta hit quick and hard Datarock – Give It Up The Norwegians in the red jumpsuits are back! Their new album Red comes out later this year but various other tidbits have been surfacing lately. A few months ago the Kissy Sell Out remix of the lead singe […]

Totally Michael’s heart goes out to Winona

call me crazy, call me stupid, call me anything you want Totally Michael – Winona Having trouble getting motivated on hump day? I’m not! I’m listening to Totally Michael and jumping off the couch! Totally Michael is a one man band (hence “Totally”) who performs live with only a guitar and his ipod as his […]

Sean Bones is chillin’ on Easy Street

i’ll be hangin where the jungle meets the street Sean Bones – Easy Street Does Sean Bones not look like he is just straight chillin here? I mean, damn, that is exactly how I plan on vibing this summer. Bones plays the kinds of lo-fi ska funk that you can throw on at a BBQ […]

FOUND is about to Let Fidelity Break

so take a sip and wait for the next one to appear FOUND – Let Fidelity Break With a lead singer named Ziggy and a penchant for using household objects as instruments these guys could have easily ended up sounding like a hippie acid trip jam session. Luckily for us they have got their business […]

MEN urge us to get Off Our Backs. Simultaneously.

second time i let you, let you ride the pony MEN – Off Our Backs MEN is a side project of two members of Le Tigre, a band I know very little of, so my initial excitement at their existence was minimal at best. Then I heard their music. What!? Its not everyday you stumble […]