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Plastic Little get all up in La La Land

and if it’s hot, i’m gon wet it down Plastic Little – La La Land Did somebody say it was Friday? Yeah, I thought so. Plastic Little are a Philadelphia 5-piece who rip it up on this Herve produced track. According to their MySpace they have been making music for nearly a decade but this […]

TiMaria know that Pretty Girls Are often Pretty High maitenance

it’s ok, it is cool, yeah you dance like a fool The TiMaria – Pretty Girls Are Pretty High The TiMaria are from a small town in Portugal but that doesn’t stop them from making big sounds that betray their humble HQ. “TiMaria” (rural Portuguese for “Auntie Maria”) started out as a band name before […]

« Pre-Milennial Flashback « Fuel – Shimmer

but maybe i’m not able and i break at the bend Fuel – Shimmer / 1998 Sometimes a little jock-rock is just fine. I guess Fuel are still active and there was even a moment where they might have recruited Daughtry and their new lead singer. I don’t know what they sound like these days […]

Coconut Records deserves his Microphone

you are my voice so take me on Coconut Records – Microphone I was late to the game on Coconut Records first album and so I guess it makes sense that I totally missed the January release of his second, Davey. Better late than never. Coconut Records is the solo project of ex-Phantom Planet drummer […]