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The Hundred in The Hands get Dressed in Dresden

oh you think so?  well I know so The Hundred In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden Umm… excuse me? Yeah, you. Can we talk about something? Yeah? Good, cause this song is like KA-razy good and I can’t really handle it. Yeah, right? Like I’m not really feeling the poo-palette album art but then […]

Miike Snow are still a (weird) Animal

nobody knows it but me when i slip, yeah i slip Miike Snow – Animal Does our antlered furry friend here look familiar? Well that’s cause it’s the logo of Miike Snow, the Sweden/New York based trio of guys not named Mi(i)ke who remixed Vampire Weekend a few weeks back. I ran across “Animal” back […]

Rogues suck? It’s just Not So, Pretty.

lock me in a room with time, see who comes out alive Rogues – Not So Pretty The word “Rogue” has a definite history of associations in my mind: from the X-Men in my early years to Rogue Wave and rogue missiles/soldiers/whatever in later years. I think UK’s Rogues are poised to overshadow all those. […]

Tigersapien, species of Luxury

when the moon comes out we’re the fiends you fear Tigersapien – Luxury I know, first Timid Tiger then Tigercity and now Tigersapien? I mean what do you want me to say? Tigers are pretty awesome, dude. And what’s even more awesome is Tigersapien’s exclusive use of  these tiger masks in their press shots. (I […]

Van She spreads the V

dance with me or notice someone else Van She – Strangers Van She’s “Strangers” has been rocking my ass for quite a while now but only recently did I get my lazy ass over to eMusic and pick up V, the LP it comes from. The bass-line and xylophone combo on “Stangers” is enough to […]