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Green Go will eat your Brains For Breakfast

wake up your body, wake up your head Green Go – Brains For Breakfast Green Go hail from Ontario, Canada and play jump-up-and-down rock music like only people cooped up indoors all winter can. If Summer is taking it’s sweet ass time to arrive where you are then put on your pajamas, crank up “Brains […]

The Dance Party rock so hard that Sasha Don’t Sleep

when you’re hungry and pretty the city ‘aint enough The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep The Dance Party hail from Washington D.C. and, as their name implies, rock hard enough to loosen even the tightest political sphincters. They play refreshing straight-up rock with none of the electro/synth/keytar/remix business that drenches today’s sound scape. “Sasha […]

Just Jack is my new Doctor, Doctor

paranoid, delusional, lovesick, lonely, lust, nasty, jealous, insecure, at least that’s how i’m coming across Just Jack – Doctor Doctor I first discovered Just Jack when I stumbled across his new video for “Doctor Doctor” and was immediately smitten by both the song and his gap-toothed charisma. Setting fourth to uncover more gems by this […]

Maxïmo Park say Let’s Get Clinical

i’d like to map your body out inch by inch Maxïmo Park – Let’s Get Clinical Maxïmo Park have always held a conflicted place in my heart, and it’s not just ’cause of their dumb spelling. When I lived in Shanghai they were the only western band that ventured that far East and therefore I […]

Dragonette are Fixin To Thrill us all

get on the floor, don’t make a fuss, just do it Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill While I never fell in love with Dragonette’s debut LP Galore, I always appreciated their vibe and did get hooked on a few tracks. I guess I always felt they had huge potential that they weren’t fully realizing. Judging […]