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« Flashback « Bush – Glycerine / Bubbles

our old friend fear and you and me Bush – Glycerine Long ago, in a time before Gwen Stefani and “Hollaback Girl,” hell even before Gwen was “Just A Girl,” there was Bush. Fronted by future Mr. Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, they were Britain’s answer to the grunge exploding across The States. Cobain had died just […]

DatA is a songwriter, Skywriter… bowler?

i’ve been searching so high that i burned my wings DatA – Skywriter DatA is a dude from Paris whose dreamy and glitched-out “Skywriter” has been rocking my socks for a few weeks now. It’s not the kind of hands-in-the-air party tune I like to drop on Fridays but it should do the trick to […]

Solid Gold has got a real (Bible) Thumper

when will i ever learn? it aint my time, i gotta wait my turn Solid Gold – Bible Thumper As I have been driving up the Pacific Coast Highway I have been seeing a lot of beautiful sun-dappled water just as above and as I head into San Francisco it’s only appropriate that today’s band […]

Santigold and Terry Urban are pretty sure You’ll Find A Way, Player

i am no island, peninsula maybe Santigold – You’ll Find A Way Player (Ft. Andre 3000 & Bun B) If you have never seen Santigold before, don’t worry, that’s not her. That is my main goblin Lil’ Wayne lookin as sexy/blazed as ever. Santigold, however, was at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night and not-coincidentally, […]