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MAUS HAUS get their ZIG ZAG on

mirror eyes to see the whole world new, never mind who’s got ahold of you ♫ Maus Haus – Zig Zag This new EP from San Francisco’s Maus Haus dropped in my inbox a few weeks ago and although these guys already have a full length under their belt I had never heard of them. Even […]

«Flashback« Ozomatli – Super Bowl Sunday + NEW Album!

i’m your corporal, rather resourceful, rippin’ rappers from their dome piece to their torso ♫ Ozomatli – Super Bowl Sundae / 1998 Ozomatli’s debut LP s one of the best albums of the 90s. Hands down. These jams defined my musical landscape for the better part of 1998. Picking a favorite was near impossible so I went with […]

THE KNOCKS know that sometimes we all BLACKOUT

you say we had a conversation but all i remember is… ♫ The Knocks – Blackout It’s Friday and we deserve this. You may remember The Knocks from when they were rockin our socks last summer. Well, they are back and they have an anthem for our Friday night. Or Saturday morning, rather. Anyway, we […]


you know what i mean and i mean what i say, you know what i want and you know i don’t play ♫ Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Explosions You’d never guess by his in-your-face soul/blues/rockabilly but Eli Reed grew up in Massachusetts. After soaking up all of his father’s classic albums and honing his skills by busking […]

IAMAMIWHOAMI are the mystery O the year

the sound of letting go, the sight of you ♫ IAmAmIWhoAmI – O Patience is the move here. Firstly, you are gonna wanna settle in ’cause “O” doesn’t even get going for more than a minute. Secondly, nobody knows for sure who IAmAmIWhoAmI is and if you are at all curious then you have your reading […]

INLETS are IN a place WHICH I think ROBERT has been

patience giving out on me, you’re awfully deaf to the irony ♫ Inlets – In Which, I, Robert Inlets have been around for a bit but I’ve only just got into “In Which, I, Robert” and my interest is piquing. Their sound is, as Last.fm puts it, is “baroque pop with lo-fi intimacy” and I’d […]

GEORGIA FAIR make me PICTURE our FRAMES rocking out on the road

this time we’ll leave this town ♫ Georgia Fair – Picture Frames The only thing better than finding a new favorite song is having it been recommended by one of our very own. (Thanks Lisa!) It wasn’t easy tracking down this jam but was definitely worth the effort. “Picture Frames” is a folksy toe-tapper that begs for […]