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Marina & The Diamonds dig that I Am Not A Robot

better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you’re not Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot Marina is Marina Diamandis. The Diamonds are her fans (not her backing band). I dig it. I dig her voice. I dig the jaunty, haunty vibe. I dig that she is not a […]

Cosmo Jarvis sings Mel’s Song for all of us

before we started we were already over, because i can’t talk to girls when i’m sober Cosmo Jarvis – Mel’s Song The maturity of Cosmo Jarvis’ lyrics are on par with the above artwork but don’t hold that against him. Just because most guys don’t sing about their balls or body odor doesn’t make Mel’s […]

Nickodemus has love for all the Sun Children

when you forward move you can reach the moon Nickodemus – Sun Children ft. The Real Live Show As I sit in my old bedroom looking out at the California sky I can’t help but feel like it’s the perfect time to drop a little “Sun Children” on you. Nickodemus is actually based out of […]

Valery Gore and her Shoes Of Glass

it’s a thirst so dire, water for the heart, to put out the fire Valery Gore – Shoes Of Glass In continuing with the tradition of great music coming out of Ontario we have Valery Gore. Her sophomore album, Avalanche To Wandering Bear, came out last year but it’s single “Shoes Of Glass” just found […]

Plastic Little get all up in La La Land

and if it’s hot, i’m gon wet it down Plastic Little – La La Land Did somebody say it was Friday? Yeah, I thought so. Plastic Little are a Philadelphia 5-piece who rip it up on this Herve produced track. According to their MySpace they have been making music for nearly a decade but this […]