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MAGIC MAN is clearly not a DAUGHTER but still play great music

turn up the static now, weather’s getting hotter ♫ Magic Man – Daughter Magic Man says it best on their MySpace: Magic Man is a Boston-based duo that grew out of spare moments and idle hours during a summer spent volunteering on organic farms in the French countryside. Songs written and recorded in the land […]

«Flashback« Blur – Girls And Boys

always should be someone you really love ♫ Blur – Girls And Boys / 1994 It may be a day late but Blur’s 1994 classic “Girls And Boys” is the perfect Valentines jam. If anything, the last 16 years has only made love more “paranoid” and sexual identity lines more blurred, leaving Damon Albarn a […]

THE KNUX want to POP THE CORK on this weekend!

like a lion in the jungle, the neon lights are my paradise ♫ The Knux – Pop The Cork You may remember The Knux from one of the first posts here at TBE, or perhaps from Complex’s top albums of the decade list. If this is your first exposure to these LA via New Orleans […]