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The Dance Party rock so hard that Sasha Don’t Sleep

when you’re hungry and pretty the city ‘aint enough The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep The Dance Party hail from Washington D.C. and, as their name implies, rock hard enough to loosen even the tightest political sphincters. They play refreshing straight-up rock with none of the electro/synth/keytar/remix business that drenches today’s sound scape. “Sasha […]

Just Jack is my new Doctor, Doctor

paranoid, delusional, lovesick, lonely, lust, nasty, jealous, insecure, at least that’s how i’m coming across Just Jack – Doctor Doctor I first discovered Just Jack when I stumbled across his new video for “Doctor Doctor” and was immediately smitten by both the song and his gap-toothed charisma. Setting fourth to uncover more gems by this […]

Maxïmo Park say Let’s Get Clinical

i’d like to map your body out inch by inch Maxïmo Park – Let’s Get Clinical Maxïmo Park have always held a conflicted place in my heart, and it’s not just ’cause of their dumb spelling. When I lived in Shanghai they were the only western band that ventured that far East and therefore I […]

Dragonette are Fixin To Thrill us all

get on the floor, don’t make a fuss, just do it Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill While I never fell in love with Dragonette’s debut LP Galore, I always appreciated their vibe and did get hooked on a few tracks. I guess I always felt they had huge potential that they weren’t fully realizing. Judging […]