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«Flashback« Tripping Daisy – Firecracker

i know and i need and i feel were going higher and higher Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl / 1995 Although definitely not accurate for me at the time, “I Got A Girl” was a favorite jam back in ’95. It is the perfect ‘one-hit wonder’ song: simple, dumb, and easy to sing […]

Kesha is kinda fresher than P. Diddy these days

cause when i leave for the night, i ain’t coming back Kesha – Tick Tock (P. Diddy) Did somebody say that they wanted a party anthem for Saturday night? Oh wait, that was me. Sweet.  That funky Nashville blondie in the photo is Ke$ha, the chick voice on Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” and the genius […]