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TEGAN AND SARA have one HELL of a lead single here

when you get up and over it and over them ♫ Tegan and Sara – Hell 1998 was a big year for twins. Ahhnuld and DeVito taught us about the fraternal kind, and Tegan and Sara started their musical legacy in Calgary, Alberta (that’s in Canada). I’m gonna go with Tegan and Sara for the […]

«Flashback« NOFX – Whatever Didi Wants

tell me what you need, i’ll try not to forget it ♫ NOFX – Whatever Didi Wants / 1996 This song will never cease to be epic. Although I discovered this jam on the same Punk-O-Rama 2 compilation that turned me on to Millencolin I just never got into NOFX at the time. Years later […]

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE make music for a quiet BOAT ride. I can get BEHIND that.

through the air there’s a fluffy cloud falling down as rain ♫ Kings of Convenience – Boat Behind Kings Of Convenience’s new album, Declaration Of Dependence, is the perfect album for chilly Sundays. It’s light, tender, and intimate; perfect for nursing your body back to reality after a Saturday’s worth of BAC-alteration. I first fell […]

THE PRAIRIE CARTEL don’t want to party alone in CRACKTOWN

where did all my people go? ♫ The Prairie Cartel – Cracktown The lyric above is also the name of The Prairie Cartel’s debut LP. It’s also a question I have been asking myself as I settle back into Warsaw. Anyway, you guys can appreciate the industrial-pop jam and I’ll appreciate the deeper meanings, cool? […]

SEAN BONES and I just got back from the DANCEHALL

it’s a weapon, it’s a mixed blessing ♫ Sean Bones – Dancehall Some of you might remember Sean Bones from his April appearance on TBE with “Easy Street.” Well his debut LP, RINGS, dropped in July and I have been chilling with it ever since. I guess it is most easily categorized as reggae music […]