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Tigercity is in fact Sensation(al). *Poland Tour!*

when my mind is giving up and my body keeps on moving Tigercity – Are You Sensation? If the image above conjures thoughts of sex then the music within could possibly conjure the act itself. Despite hailing from Brooklyn and looking like the next kings of hipster-metal, Tigercity make mellowed-out, sexed-up, funk jams that make […]

Bishop Allen wins cutest album cover with Grrr…

a hammer hit the nail with great sympathy Bishop Allen – The Ancient Commonsense of Things Bishop Allen plays the kind of music that everyone can enjoy: upbeat, poppy, and infectious. They came on the scene with their 2006 EP project in which they released a 4 song EP each month of that year. 2007 […]

Mason Proper jams from Point A to Point B

i’ll breathe when i am able, for now i’ll hold it in Mason Proper – Point A to Point B This one’s a creeper. If you are not feeling this upon first listen then you ain’t alone brother. I cruised right past this track when it was floating around my iTunes library. It wasn’t until […]

[CvrUpYrRmx] Timid Tiger double-teams your ears!

Who got the power to make a difference? Who got the power to make a change? Timid Tiger – Womanizer (Britney Spears cover) Yup, that’s right, this week’s CvrUpYrRmx is being fully handled by 5 dudes from Cologne, Germany who go by Timid Tiger. Don’t be fooled  theby name, these cats (ha!) are about as […]

Ted & Francis – Erlend

you can make something with your life not waste it away Ted & Francis – Erlend In honor of our last post about Erlend Øye’s other band we have a song named after him! Ok, I actually have no idea if Australian duo Ted & Francis are paying homage to the Norwegian on this track […]