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SEAN BONES and I just got back from the DANCEHALL

it’s a weapon, it’s a mixed blessing ♫ Sean Bones – Dancehall Some of you might remember Sean Bones from his April appearance on TBE with “Easy Street.” Well his debut LP, RINGS, dropped in July and I have been chilling with it ever since. I guess it is most easily categorized as reggae music […]

Remix Roundup: 10-21-09

As the Remix Roundups enter double digits I decided to drop the incremental titles and go for a more archive-friendly date format. You will thank me someday. About this collection of hot remixes? You can thank me now. ♫ The Very Best – Julia (Javelin Re-do) / This is one of the best remixes I’ve […]

«Flashback« Spin Doctors – Two Princes

‘aint got no future or a family tree but i know what a prince and lover ought to be ♫ Spin Docotors – Two Princes / 1991 As if it wasn’t enough that I was eating a delicious breakfast this morning, this jam came on the TV-radio and it was just sublime. Yes, sublime, that’s […]

CÉU wants you to grab her BUBUIA

♫ CéU – Bubuia As if you didn’t already know that Brazilian girls are all kinds of seductive, let me present CéU. The first 1o seconds of “Bubuia” always make me envision a dimly lit room with beaded curtain parting to reveal CéU. As the song continues it totally feels like she is mesmerizing me […]