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Your love for James Yuill’s tunes should come as No Surprise

and it’s no surprise that your eyes are crying my name James Yuill – No Surprise James Yuill may be a London bloke who looks like Britt Daniels–as-your-biology-teacher, but he makes some rather beautiful mellowed-out electr0-folk. “No Surprise” is from his sophomore album, Turning Down Water For Air, which came out in 2007 but is […]

Bicicletas add 11 y 20 and get awesome

………. corazon! ……… Bicicletas – 11 y 20 Bicicletas are from Argentina and they sing in Spanish so my sing-along abilities are limited to excitedly yelling “corazon” when it comes along in “11 y 20.” In whatever language, the catchiness of this song is way more powerful then a simple bicycle. Maybe a bicycle with […]

The Guggenheim Grotto sings Fee Da Da Dee

our hearts are tigers chasing tigerness The Guggenheim Grotto – Fee Da Da Dee Two bums from Dublin playing folk music? A cover that looks like some Dave Matthews tribute band? Is that tie-dye? Sounds boring! Well, while the rest of these guys’ tunes didn’t grab me, the power of “Fee Da Da Dee” is […]

Awesome New Republic celebrate TBE’s Birthday!

i can feel in your fingertips that your grip is for real Awesome New Republic – Birthday So yesterday was the 2 month birthday of TBE  and what better way to celebrate than with this appropriately titled track from Miami’s Awesome New Republic. I almost saw these guys perform in Brooklyn back in September but […]

Amos The Transparent gave me Lemons, hoping for lemonade

cause true love shouldn’t have to be convinced every week Amos The Transparent – Lemons a.k.a Big Fish Little Pond When I the twangy strumming of “Lemons” first seeped into my ears I was instantly intrigued. Further listens fostered further love and it quickly became my go-to mellow jam. Learning that “Lemons” is from Amos […]