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Scissors For Lefty and their Ghetto Ways

if your lips touched my lips could I call you my baby or what? Scissors For Lefty – Ghetto Ways Ok, so you got me. The above album is not Scissors For Lefty’s latest (That would be the Consumption Junction EP) but since I like it better it’s gonna get top billing. Deal with it. […]

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality

he fled the scene never to be seen again Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality If yesterday’s post got you a bit too riled up then pop this little chill pill. Some fantastic guitar plucking, catchy lyrics, and a whole slew of “dum da da dum”s. This dude has been getting some love from KCRW […]

Kyle Andrews is fresher than Sushi

i sink so deep in you, you gonna save me or not? Kyle Andrews – Sushi Alright, start prepping some fresh panties NOW cause this one made me wet for sure. Who the fuck is Kyle Andrews and how did he make this killer song without it taking over the world and ending racial conflict […]

For You? Only The Very Best!

I was thinking ’bout you and me and everything we’ve been through The Very Best – Dinosaur on the Ark This weekend’s MixTape is not TBE-produced but you will dig it nonetheless. If the name didn’t already give it away, it is not to shabby. Wondering how a dude with a name like Mwamawaya got […]

Hey Champ churns a buttery smooth groove

I’m so clever, it takes no effort to turn you on Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl My little brother turned me on to this jam the other day and ever since I have been congratulating myself for raising him right. Ivy Educated and recently signed to Lupe Fiasco’s label, these guys bear a surface […]

Ghostland Observatory: What GMPD Could Have Become

love is a potion to give your life a soul Ghostland Observatory – Freeheart Lover I hadn’t made the connection until I sat down to write this post but Ghostland Observatory really do remind me of what GMPD could have evolved into: Part Daft Punk, part Prince, part Queen. Freeheart Lover has the exact rock […]

Gil Mantera’s Dreamscape Discussed

don’t run away, come back Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Waking Vision If you know me then you know my undying love for Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, the super-duo from Youngstown, Ohio who have been rocking my world ever since I stumbled into one of their legendary live shows 3 years ago. Gil (keyboards/beats/vocals/hyper-sexual dancing) […]