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NEVER MIND THE STARS inspire a vocabulary HOLIDAY

if you hold my attention, it is the root of my affection ♫ Never Mind The Stars – Holiday The sickest bass-line of the year is a dude going “BAHW BAHW BAHW!” in a really low voice! Yes! You know, I was just listening to The Jam when I jammed my finger in the door jamb and […]

GERMANY GERMANY have at least named themselves with SYMMETRY

keep your eyes on me ♫ Germany Germany – Symmetry feat. Jessica Morgan And the worst band name award goes to what may be the most interesting new band. Germany Germany hail from the west coast of Canada, produce simple yet super-effective indie synth magic that sometimes features female vocals, have tw0 8 track EPS out (for […]

TUNNG don’t really HUSTLE or bustle so much as rustle

and you will slide on the back seat of my bike and i will ride you home drunken in the rain ♫ Tunng – Hustle I’ve always thought that Tuesday’s were a good say for more subdued but happy music and that’s exactly what England’s Tunng has for us today. “Hustle” is a bouncy little […]