Entries by Ethan Lee

Kai Fish – “Mad Dogs and Englishmen (feat. Alassane Sy)” // Lubaina Himid

Visual art above by Lubaina Himid [via] With a cryptic, classical-inspired opening that leads into a bumpy, rockin’ hand-clapping rhythms, slam poetry vocals, and a vast electronic production, “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” is a complex sonic experience.  To say it’s eclectic is an understatement.  Soundtrack Kai Fish for those night drives racing through the empty […]

Chris Ayer – “Heavy” // Miro Denck

Visual art above by Miro Denck [via] With heavy, sorrowful vocals combined with the spacious production and hard-driven guitar and bass lines, Chris Ayer’s “Heavy” is sure to emotionally capture you in his melancholic bubble but still give you a fun time.  Perfect for an immersive and reflective day people-watching at the seaside.

Bülow – “This Is Not A Love Song” // Tatsuo Horiuchi

Visual art above by Tatsuo Horiuchi [via] Bülow finds her own way to express write her own lust song, asserting that “this is not a love song.”  The beats are tight, the rhythms are infectious, you’d ironically want to fall in love with this song.  Perfect for deindividuating at the club as you release yourself […]

HAWAI – “Alive” // Ariel Davis

Visual art above by Ariel Davis [via] Surf’s up, guys and gals, because HAWAI as introduced the world to surf indie rock with “Alive.”  With surfer rock drum rhythms, heavy guitar soundscapes, and quintessential indie rock melodies to swoon over, “Alive” instills the energy and excitement that comes with finding that perfect wave of music.

Albert Af Ekenstam – “Ashes” // Saehan Park

Visual art above by Saehan Park [via] “Ashes” is as poignant as it is provocative with its intense lyricism and beautiful orchestrations that give the song an atmospheric and cinematic soundscape.  Albert Af Ekenstam’s vocals shine, dynamically driving the song; it’s a powerful voice, but it’s very much controlled and thoughtfully distributed evenly.  “Ashes” is […]

Audio Dope – “Floating” // Pete Sharp

Visual art above by Pete Sharp [via] Opening with an infectious collection of guitar arpeggios and culminating into a repetitive mantra-heavy beat, “Floating” probably gets its name from the hypnotic state of consciousness its listeners are sure to get.  With sections that are vastly different from one another, ranging from spacey, drawn out sound spaces […]

VIMALA – “Crystal” // Lisk Feng

Visual art above by Lisk Feng [via] VIMALA proves in “Crystal” that it’s very much possible to be an electronic music virtuoso.  Even with uses of instrumental samples, “Crystal” never repeats itself, and the electronic arpeggios play out like a complex jazz solo transcribed and translated into an electronic production.  VIMALA’s whirlwind of a production […]

Thunder Jackson – “Guilty Party” // Thomas Danthony

Visual art above by Thomas Danthony [via] “What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?” asks a woman near the beginning of Jackson’s own track, “Guilty Party.” Thunder Jackson himself quickly answers that question in the only (and coolest) way he can: a song full of swagger and soul.  With booming drum beats, striking bass notes, electronic […]