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Thunder Jackson – “Guilty Party” // Thomas Danthony

Visual art above by Thomas Danthony [via] “What exactly is a Thunder Jackson?” asks a woman near the beginning of Jackson’s own track, “Guilty Party.” Thunder Jackson himself quickly answers that question in the only (and coolest) way he can: a song full of swagger and soul.  With booming drum beats, striking bass notes, electronic […]

Georgi Kay – “Guilty Pleasures” // Casey Weldon

Visual art above by Casey Weldon [via] Georgi Kay’s “Guilty Pleasures” is a song that embraces the impulses of love and lust.  With a swaggering production and beat coupled with majestic electronic instrumental brass lines, “Guilty Pleasures” is the soundtrack to the slow motion pan between two soon-to-be lovers’ gazes, perfect for color-splashed nights at […]

1900 – “Ljuva Mekaniska Jag” + “Vi” // Celia Marquis

Visual art above by Celia Marquis [via] In the sonic world of 1900, there is no such thing as time.  The line between old and new is blurred in their track, “Ljuva Mekaniska Jag,” a majestic march layered with modern indie orchestration and vintage woodwinds and brass played in Dixieland fashion with a modern twist.  […]

alltheluckintheworld – “Landmarks” // Peter Waite

Visual art above by Peter Waite [via] What makes alltheluckintheworld’s “Landmarks” so compelling is how it manages to break away from the conventional folk song structure yet also maintain an instrumentally folk soundscape.  The result is n emotional journey conveyed by alltheluckintheworld; you feel like you finished a coastal hike at the edge of the […]

WORLDS – “Strange Feeling” // Thomas Danthony

Visual art above by Thomas Danthony [via] “Strange Feeling” is the song that captures a precise moment in time, an emotional snapshot of romantic re-ignition.  With pure psychedelic indie pop vibes, WORLDS’ “Strange Feeling” is perfect for the perpetual beach bonfire in your life.

Best Friend – “Fell 4 U” // Vacuum

Visual art above by Vacuum [via] Best Friend create music that ushers in disco funk for a new generation, without making it sound overly recycled.  “Fell 4 U” ingeniously blends the rhythms of disco dance funk with the production and beats of modern EDM (Mura Masa x Earth, Wind, & Fire?).  Perfect soundtrack for your […]

Koresma – “Forest Sang” // Amber Ma

Visual art above by Amber Ma [via] With swaying arpeggios and a resonating flute-guitar duo, you’ll think the trees really are singing to you in Koresma’s “Forest Sang,” a song the artist describes as one’s relationship with nature.  Perfect for the infinite forests and cornfields of our vast collective imaginations.