Entries by Ethan Lee

Glded – “Ghost” // Mong Sang

Visual art above by Mong Sang [via] With instrumentals phasing in and out by the wave and chords that evoke a classical sense of tension, “Ghost” is a subconscious song that we can consciously process, if that makes sense.  Glded’s tune makes me feel like going on a bike ride, zooming through the suburban streets […]

The KickDrums – “Love Is Fine” // Happy D.

Visual art above by Happy D. [via] “Love Is Fine” is equal parts intimate with its emotional indie melodies and slick with its funky electronica production and synth instrumentation.  The Kickdrums created not just a song, but the lead singer’s sonic journey of finding himself emotionally attached to someone, even when he can’t help it.  […]

DENM – “The Christmas Song” // Revok

Visual art above by Revok [via] DENM’s cover of the Christmas classic “The Christmas Song” challenges the notion of what a Christmas song should be and, instead, boldly states what a Christmas song can be.  By subtly blending classic Christmas instrumentation (sleigh bells, anyone?) with modern dance beats, DENM has revived the Christmas song for […]

Ivory! – “Alone” // Caitlin Soliman

Visual art above by Caitlin Soliman [via] What makes “Alone” so beautiful is its unique blend of classic hip hop sampling production (calling back to a Nujabes-inspired sound), jazzy electronica textures, and soulful vocal styles. Ivory!’s (formerly Geminii) is perfect music for a skyscraper rooftop chillout in the higher atmosphere, or for the reflective nights lying […]

Kult Kyss – “I Am One” // Hannah Buckman

Visual art above by Hannah Buckman [via] “I Am One” is a glorious march that transcends history; it can be music for the Pharaoh’s caravan to the pyramids of Gyza, or the VIP’s strut into the nightclub fluttered by camera flashes.  Kult Kyss’s epic production creates an addictive, driven rhythm and melody that make you […]

Clicks – “We’ll Be Fine” // Pierre Kleinhouse

Visual art above by Pierre Kleinhouse [via] Clicks have created a funk anthem that emphasizes the title message: “We’ll Be Fine.”  With the shakes of a tambourine and a bass line that digs deep, Clicks’ groove is undeniable in this fun tune, an ideal one to bring to the beach at the edge of the […]

The Invisible People – “Safari [Medicine]” // Justinas Vilutis

Visual art above by Justinas Vilutis [via] The individuality and uniqueness of “Safari [Medicine]” stems from its use of tribal percussion instrumentation and traditional harmonizations and melodies to create its “Afro house” sound.  The result is a beautifully hypnotic whirlpool of sound, a rhythmic mantra that indefinitely stirs the soul and shakes the rump. A […]

Triathalon – “Day One” // John Felix Arnold III

Visual art above John Felix Arnold III [via] “Day One” is what it feels like to freeze time, and take in every detail in that moment.  The long, drawn-out synths and indie rock guitar riffs give the song it’s sluggish quality, expressing Triathalon’s sentiments on life’s highs.  “Day One” is the real life pause button […]