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[MP3] Villa Nah & Helsinki 78-82

If you follow TBE, you know that I love getting Nurdy” to remixes, but I also like me some chill tunes.  Enter Villa Nah, the laid-back electro-poppers from Helsinki, Finland. This Duo may hail from Finland, but they remind me of a chilled-out, darker version of Australia’s Cut Copy. So here, take a time machine […]

[MP3] Demon- I Think + Video preview

So, I found this jam awhile back, but was never able to find a quality mp3 of it.  Luckily today, (due to my awesome persistence) I was able to find one  just for you. Demon, (located in Paris) hasn’t even released a full length album yet, but here he is blowing up my personal itunes.  […]

[MP3] Bedouin Soundclash & Coeur de Pirate

I stumbled across Bedouin Soundclash for the first time in a couple years in the midst of inserting the Coeur de Pirate song in last weeks “Remix roundup”.  Thank Tom Cruise I did too, because after nearly breaking up in 2007 and dumping their drummer the Soundclash are back with vengeance. Case and Point: cuz […]