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[PREMIERE] Shoffy – “Motions”

Do you ever feel like you are “drowning in the ocean”? TBE Favorite, Shoffy does and we do too. With his Premiere Music Video for “Motions”, Shoffy brings us into the life of a lonely guy just trying to make it through the day. This track is one of many heartfelt tunes off his self-titled […]

Bels Lontano – “Lovely Path” // Alex Kuno

Visual art above by Alex Kuno [via] Opening with an inspiring mix of whimsical harp-like sounds and keys, Bels Lontano slowly adds in the ambience with soft chords and electro-beats. Drawing inspiration from the multi-dimensional composer Ligeti, the Michigan-based producer pulls out all the stops with this dream-pop track. “Lovely path” sounds like you’re going […]

Yoke Lore – “Only You” (Chad Valley Remix) // Raúl Soria

Visual Art Above by Raúl Soria [via] Synth and pop come together just right with Chad Valley’s Remix of “Only You”. With Yoke Lore’s playful lyrics and easy beats, this track will save you during that late afternoon drag. Keeping with the harmony of its original track, “Only You” keeps its sound dreamy and up […]

Jake Tavill – “Truth” // Daan Botlek

Visual Art Above by Daan Botlek [via] Sometimes it’s important to listen to your family when they’re trying to tell you something, but like Jake Tavill, we are skeptical. “Truth” is a funky track with thought-worthy lyrics about what we are to do when we leave the house. Beginning simply with acapella and keys, this […]

Arlie – “Didya Think” // Martin Groch

Visual Art Above by Martin Groch [via] Day jobs are hard and often boring but Arlie contemplates whether it’s better or worse than just sitting around. With rock-worthy guitar riffs and drum tracks, “Didya Think” really does make you question whether you want that day job you have. “Going against the grain” and taking a […]

NONA – “Real Life” // Robert Nicol

Visual art above by Robert Nicol [via] Getting up in the morning can be hard… but not when you’re listening to TBE faves Nona. Contemplating life and what it’s all about, “Real Life” will get you thinking hard while rocking out. This track is heavy on feelings as it gives you honest lyrics and a […]

JOME – “Once Red” // Kyle Smart

Visual art above by Kyle Smart [via] “Once Red” gets right into it with twilight sounds and moody guitar riffs. With winter right around the corner, this track will keep you warm with its subtle tone and catchy lyrics. JOME captures its low-fi sound with synthy hooks and brings it all together by “changing the […]