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Sangam – “Egotistical” // Reka

Visual art above by Reka [via] Sangam is an artist that thrives in the large and growing larger by the day Vaporwave scene. Putting his music into a single genre, however, would not do it justice. “Egotistical” is full of heavy, murky drones that, rather than alienate the casual listener, captivate them into being spellbound. […]

Xavier[EXS22] – “Take Flight” // Hiejin Yoo

Visual art above by Hiejin Yoo [via] “Take Flight” is a love letter to the jazzy hip-hop beat stylings of Nujabes, Ta-Ku, Uyama Hiroto, and is deserving to sit amongst the masters as, at the very least, a Padawan. I never get sick of piano based heartfelt beats like this, so perhaps I am biased […]

Kahiem Rivera – “This Night Last Year (feat. Snake Eyes)” // Angela Wang

Visual art above by Angela Wang [via] Kathiem Rivera channels Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid M.A.A.d City” era flow as Snake Eyes beautifully and soulfully fills in the hook. The synthy, downtempo beat provides a nice foil to Rivera’s snappy bars. A unique track that draws from the greats just as much as it innovates; “This […]

Christian Besa Wright – “Cherry Blossom Oak” // Ruprecht von Kaufmann

Visual art above by Ruprecht von Kaufmann [via] “Cherry Blossom Oak” opens with the lushest, most beautiful orchestral flutter, and Christian Besa Wright’s warm, uncannily familiar vocals come in soon after. A little bit of Beulah, a little bit of Wilco, the vocals are reminiscent of a tone that I have loved for most of […]


Visual art above by Tyler Lehman [via] WAVEPOOL$HAWTY’s beats will take you to another dimension. The art WP$ has provided actually matches the feel of the music perfectly. “DALL’ITALIA AL GIAPPONE” is a blend of electronic glitch, downtempo relaxation, and a touch of world music influence layered on top. I truly feel like I’m floating […]

Captain Kidd – “LIMIT” // John Mahoney

Visual art above by John Mahoney [via] “Limit” serves up tasty melodic deep house vibes. I imagine a masquerade ball turned sinister. You’re looking for someone, but who could it be? Everyone’s faces are covered, so you’ll need to be crafty to find your target. Dancing and bobbing through the crowds, trying to blend in, […]

ORKID – “Wasted” // Luis Nessi

Visual art above by Luis Nessi [via] “Wasted” is dark, synthy and sexy as hell. An upbeat yet mysterious anthem promoting partying, love, and letting loose. At times you are overwhelmed with sound as ORKID aurally skips around you, putting your mind into a daze, but your body into a frenzy.

Callum Pitt – “Happiness” // Monica Rohan

Visual art above by Monica Rohan [via] Callum Pitt’s song “Happiness” is aptly named, for it the feelings that it evokes in the listener is that of happiness, nostalgia, and pure joy. Busy, cheerful instrumentation under Pitt’s smooth and high vocals provide a feel-good anthem for any time of day, any day of the year. […]