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SP – “time gon’ change the weather” // Art: Yuanxing Liang

Visual art above by Yuanxing Liang [via] SP is a soul and R&B outfit with a sound that seamlessly bridges the gaps between the golden age of the genre and the modern scene. The project recently released a brand new single titled “Time Gon’ Change The Weather”, which has a nice moody, classy tone. The […]

The Dig – “Million Dollar Man” // Art: Deih

Visual art above by Deih [via] “Million Dollar Man” is a driving steam-engine of a track, pushed forward by hypnotic drum grooves and chugging vocals. Sky-high synths soar above the musical landscape and razor-sharp snares. You can feel the horizon open up in front of you as the song pulses into its final minute. It’s […]

Goth Babe – “The Hills” // Art: Julieta XLF

Visual art above by Julieta XLF [via] Goth Babe is a seamless music project with a focus on creating down-to-earth acoustic songs. The artist’s most recent release, “The Hills” is a really great example. This particular project is actually a stunning acoustic ballad with a rather upbeat feel and a very emotional set of lyrics. […]

Charles Fauna – “Wait To Come Over” // Art: OZMO

Visual art above by OZMO [via] Charles Fauna recently released a new groundbreaking single titled “Wait To Come Over”, whose synth-heavy production brings to mind Empire Of The Sun or Sam Sparro. The production of this track is rich and detail-oriented, but the focus is on the song itself – meaning that this is more […]

Mocky – “HOW IT GOES” // Art: Drew Mosley

Visual art above by Drew Mosley [via] Mocky is all about creating infectious dance/funk numbers with a unique and lush feel. “How It Goes” is a stunning production, which combines a wide variety of genres and sonic aesthetics into one single package. This song is immediately outstanding for its killer bass line, as well as […]

Julietta – “Hard Love” + “Smooth Sailing” // Art: Tauba Auerbach

Visual art above by Tauba Auerbach [via] Julietta brings it on her most recent single, “Hard Love”, a synth-pop anthem on par with Robyn. The minimalistic, yet rich and nuanced drum machine tones are absolutely perfect to fill up the space and bring some size to the tracks. The same goes for the synth chords […]