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Madeleine Dopico – “Saturday Night” // Jillian Evelyn

Visual art above by Jillian Evelyn [via] Madeleine Dopico defies genres with her music, driving her songs with booming, acoustic indie orchestration set to soulful vocals that could even impress Beyoncé.  The song’s final sonic product is a powerful gospel about healing from faults, reverberating through the church of Dopica’s psyche. Listen to more Madelein […]

Eric Sharp – “Take This Time ft Zhao” // Eiko Ojala

Visual art above by Eiko Ojala [via] Perfect music for rockin’ an oddball runway show or a inter-dimensional photo shoot.  This song’s production creates a spacey soundscape that manages to stay grounded with its extensive use of electronic dance instrumentation, as well as its use Zhao’s hypnotic vocals, urging listeners to seize the moment and […]

LAZY SALON – “Hot Dinners” // Dan Lam

Visual art above by Dan Lam [via] Perfect soundtrack to make shopping at the grocery store alone even more fun than it already is.  Each element in the production adds a splash of color into the listener’s life, evolving from a slightly neo-psychedelic sound.

Teenage Love – “Sweaterface” // Aof Smith

Visual art above by Aof Smith [via] There’s a lot going on in this song.  Teenage Love’s “Sweaterface” is an orchestral cupcake in the cake pop section of the grocery market, with tinges of classical and big band instrumentation sprinkled here and there.  With a dynamic rhythm and a dense production, Teenage Love redefines maximalist […]

Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants” // David Schnell

Visual art above by David Schnell [via] “Heart Wants” is part psychedelic, part funk, part dance, part indie rock, part rockabilly and all parts good times.  Magic City Hippies ingeniously combines each of these elements by instrument; the psychedelic duties are left to the guitar while the funk is left for the drums and bass, […]

Gourmet – “There You Go” // JAPA

Visual art above by JAPA [via] Perfect soundtrack for walking around the city or neighborhood, observing all of the different interactions happening around you as you go running errands and maybe even making eye contact with that special someone.  This electronic pop song maintains a steady beat and groove to add that funk to your […]

ISLAND – “Try” // Ian Cumberland

Visual art above by Ian Cumberland [via] With a delayed and phased synth to open up the song, ISLAND’s “Try” establishes a unique sound that blends into an organic one.  The deep bass lines perfectly complement the high registers of the synth and guitars, which create a dense platform for the smooth vocals to shine.  […]