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Charles Fauna – “The Boatman” + “Friday” // Art: Emil Alzamora

Visual art above by Emil Alzamora [via] I love Charles Fauna and am so stoked on his recent music. Get into him on the beautiful and haunting new EP The Boatman. Get more Charles Fauna with “Restless Child” from his previous project Paideia on Vinyl Moon 014: Through The Window.

Aleksander Kostopoulos – “Kusolda” // Art: Disa Wallander

Visual art above by Disa Wallander [via] Aleksander Kostopoulos’ “Kusolda” sits somewhere between the more grandiose moments of Mogwai and the softer sections of Sigur Ros. A delicate piano line leads much of the piece, with falsetto vocals flowing between the keyboards and shifting drums. The song self-describes as “ambient”, but there’s a lot of […]

Bluestaeb – “Left & Right” // Art: Adrien Mauduit

Visual art above by Adrien Mauduit [via] “Left & Right” is pure cosmic funk built around a deep, teetering bassline with plenty of glimmering textures to shoot you up to the stars. Midway through we’re treated to an extra layer of groove before returning to the core idea, a chance to flex your dance moves. […]

Cloud – “Heartfluttered” // Art: Vera Shimuna

Visual art above by Vera Shimuna [via] Come quick! It sounds like The Flaming Lips are playing backing band while White Fence sings about the wonderfully awkward and terribly beautiful moment of becoming intimate with someone for the first time. Or maybe this is a new single from Cloud! The guitars are right out of […]