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Colin Magalong – “Bodies In A Room” // Art: John Larriva

Visual art above by John Larriva [via] If “Bodies In A Room” doesn’t motivate you out of your chair then they bass might just slap you out of it. Colin Magalong has that perfect mix of funk, disco, and pop that makes this a top weekend jam. Get weird.    

Individualist – “WaWaNe” // Art: Victo Ngai

Visual art by Victo Ngai [via] If there are four words that best describes Individualist’s WaWaNe, it would be: H&M, summer, and good vibes. WaWaNe gives you that feeling of a great shopping experience and the feeling of paradise all in one. Good thing summer is right around the corner. Go pick out that summer […]

Mating Ritual – “Light Myself On Fire” // Art: Ashley V. Blalock

Visual art above by Ashley V. Blalock [via] Mating Ritual’s raucous campaign for mayors of Swagger-town continues with the title track to their just released LP Light Myself On Fire. It’s an explosion of grit, groove, and confidence and should be at the top of any playlists withe terms like “pre-gaming”, “tacos”, or “The Backyard […]

Approachable Members of Your Local Community – “Velcro” // Art: Aline Brant

Visual art above by Aline Brant [via] Recent TBE faves Approachable Members of Your Local Community are back with another left-field feel good jam for the playground sweetheart in your life. Goofball indie rock meets sock-hop disco and it feel damn good. So groom your leg hair, roll down your gym socks, crank up “Velcro”, […]

Jesse Saint John – “FAKE IT” // Art: Huntz Liu

Visual art above by Huntz Liu [via] Have you ever heard of song that is stuck just because it’s so catchy? This is that song. With a very upbeat groove and natural pop vocals, it’s no wonder Jesse Saint John has written for big named pop stars such as Camila Cabello and Charli XCX.  I […]