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[PREMIERE] Mushroom People – “LOWWS”

The fun loving German trio Mushroom People have just dropped the perfect jam to kick off this weekend! “LOWWS” is 7 different kinds of hip swinging fun as it bounces through hip hop and funk with its positive message of supporting your lover. That is a vibe we can get down with all day (and […]

Wilder Maker – “New Streets” // Art: Rosanna Webster

Visual art above by Rosanna Webster [via] Wilder Maker will definitely want to make you drive down some new streets with their jam, “New Streets”. “New Streets” is the perfect combination of instrumental and soft-rock that will get you started off to a good day as you soak in the sun and sounds of these […]

Sal Dulu – “Antasma” // Art: Fergal Styles

Visual art above by Fergal Styles [via] Sal Dulu’s track “Antasma” begs you not to go and try to comply but you are being pulled back and forth as you groove to guitar licks, saxophone, and smooth vocals. It bounces enough to make you move, but is ideally enjoyed while sitting with an adult beverage […]

saib. – “Vivre” // Art: Grant Haffner

Visual art above by Grant Haffner [via] If you haven’t found that relaxing on the beach type of song, well here it is. Saib gives us such a great R&B and sultry track with a bit of hip-hop beats that will definitely make you want “Vivre (To Live)” your best life as you relax and […]

Archie Langley – “Magpie” // Art: Juana Gómez

Visual art above by Juana Gómez [via] If any of you are wondering what a “Magpie”is, it’s a long tailed crow like the cover art that you see above. A “Magpie” is also a word that is used in comparisons, specifically referencing to a person who collects things of little value or a person who chatters […]

7Chariot – “Danger In Me” // Art: Nicolai Bergmann

Visual art above by Nicolai Bergmann [via] When you listen to “Danger in Me” by 7 Chariot, you start to wonder what danger is in her because all you hear  is nothing but positive and upbeat vibes. “Danger in Me” is an indie-pop tune about self-acceptance. No one is perfect, but this song comes close.

NVDES – “Louì” // Art: YAWN

Visual art above by WEAREYAWN [via] It only takes about one minute to send some nudes, but it takes less time for NVDES to deliver some great and fresh moods with their latest single, “Louì”. With their catchy and vibrant combination of instrumental, indie, and house music, “Louì” will leave you in a positive state […]

Alexander Vincent – “I Won’t” // Art: Kelly Wearstler

Visual art above by Kelly Wearstler [via] Alexander Vincent claims that ‘he won’t say a word’ in his track, “I Won’t”, but I have a few. This track is the right blend of instrumental and deep chill vibes that makes you want to repeat the song multiple times. You also wonder that if you’re listening […]