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TWINKIDS – “Jigoku Tengoku” // Patrick Kramer

Visual art above by Patrick Kramer [via] “Jigoku Tengoku”, which means “hell or heaven” in Japanese, is a promise from one lover to another that he’ll follow them anywhere to be with them. Heaven and hell are also the two extremes he’s putting his partner through – “this time”, “believe me”, empty promises. TWINKIDS flesh […]

Ross From Friends – “John Cage” // Art: Dolly Faibyshev

Visual art above by Dolly Faibyshev [via] Ross From Friends brings us a delightedly demented cut of lo-fi house via the always future-minded LA collective Brainfeeder. Sporting a barely-coherent vocal hook, surf guitar, lush chords, and maniacal laughter (!!!), “John Cage” has enough of what you know to keep it feeling familiar, but enough curveballs […]

Fenne Lily. – “On Hold” // Masha Ivashintsova

Visual art above by Masha Ivashintsova [via] There’s something about the contrast between the scratchy guitar and the elegance of Fenne Lily’s voice that brings this whole track together, like, when leaning against a tree, the roughness of the tree bark somehow makes the sun leaking through the leaves that much more lovely. All I […]

Christian Besa Wright – “Cherry Blossom Oak” // Daniel Sprick

Visual art above by Daniel Sprick [via] Straddling the worlds of indie folk, americana, and pop, Christian Besa Wright sounds like Youth Lagoon going through a heavy Elliott Smith phase. And if those two touchpoints don’t pique your interests, you probably don’t have much interest in those worlds at all. Your loss! The rest of […]

KNIGHTSTOWN – “Keep” // Jenna Barton

Visual art above by Jenna Barton [via] KNIGHTSTOWN wastes no time in “Keep”, immediately establishing the bassline to a track that makes a perfect soundtrack to either dusk or dawn. The cooed vocals are perfect for either shrugging off the cares of the day or giving you the strength to face them. Even better, the […]

Tim Atlas – “Talk” // Alan Fears

Visual art above by Alan Fears [via] I’m loving this wave of modern funk/future-funk music coming out lately, and “Talk” definitely rises to the top of the pile. Tim’s soft, warm, welcoming vocals play extremely well over the funky, occasionally tropical sounding beat. This song is playing beach volleyball as the sun slowly goes down, […]

Motherhood – “Hey You” // Chiara Dal Maso

Visual art above by Chiara Dal Maso [via] Sometimes you need a dose of bombastic, in your face indie pop; “Hey You” delivers in spades. Tasteful use of synths let the track border on synth-pop, but honestly, it’s more complex than that. Like a dancier Andrew McMahon, Motherhood confidently provides the soundtrack for your weekend, […]