B.o.B. or Bobby Ray or Mr. Bobby or whatever is like a high Voltage Satellite around my brain


this worlds so crazy so it’s an emergency

B.o.B. – Mr Bobby

Who is B.o.B.? That is an excellent damn question, one I had no clue how to answer until recently. But it is one you better believe you need to be able to answer now ’cause this is the freshest shit I’ve heard coming out of the hip hop game in a looong time. 20 year-old Bobby Ray Simmons comes straight from Atlanta where he made a name for himself as B.o.B., an up-and coming rapper who shared a December 2008 cover of XXL with Asher Roth and Wale. I guess it was about that time that I read about him. Naturally I ignored the advice and never sought out his music. Then on Sunday, his music sought me out. Watching him open for Asher Roth and Kid Cudi at the House Of Blues was one of those fixed-gaze, slack-jawed, “holy shit” events that only come around so often.

B.o.B. – Voltage – Playboy Tre & Mickey Factz

B.o.B. changed up his game a bit recently, introducing his more soulful and vocal side, Bobby Ray. Now that he has flexed his skills right out of the box some people are having trouble pigeon-holing him. This is the only reason I can think of for him not getting more attention (instead of you, Wale). Anyway, long story sort, B.o.B. is now Bobby Ray and Bobby Ray is B.o.B. However you look at it, we win. Especially when his latest mixtape B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray is straight fire fantastic as well as FREE. The best piece of advice I can give you is to get on that jam and listen. Really listen. In there is the story of Bobby Ray, as well as a lot of fresh beats, sick rhymes, and general good times. I have been having a blast listening to this mixtape, and to make things even better I am offering the version without those annoying DJ drops. Just good, clean music people. Get it.

B.o.B. – Satellite (prod by Bobby Ray)

I guess he even had a single out last year. Why did I never hear it? Seriously! Sometimes I feel I have my head jammed so far up the ass of current music that I can’t breathe, but somehow something like this sneaks by? Not cool. “I’ll Be In The Sky” was that single and it’s from The Adventures Of Bobby Ray (Formerly The Adventures of B.o.B.), his forthcoming LP.

B.o.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky

Did I just post 4 tracks? By the same artist? Damn. That’s unprecedented. You should recognize that I mean business.

Bury your face in MySpace /// Download the Mixtape FREE

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