[MP3] BARBARA say UNICORNICA is a place on the MOON, so don’t TRIP

you been travelling all alone down that road and all i have is a photo

♫ Barbara – Unicornica (demo)

What the only thing better than stumbling across some nice new jams? Finding out that the people behind that sweetness are also behind one of your favorite music blogs! First there was the out-of-left-field but Kid Cudi approved cover of “Pursuit of Happiness” that was instantly refreshing. Then I got “Unicornica”  in my inbox and instantly fell for it (in demo form, no less!). Such a delicate little beat coupled with those intimate vocals make for some great listening. So after all that “Barbara-ness” I finally read this Audiomuffin post on how how their own Bootsy and Frank are a core part of the band! Hell yeah! So “Unicornica” is still in the oven (hee hee) awaiting a full LP release but their Robopopironica EP is out now and features the fantastic “Moon Trip.”

♫ Barbara – Moon Trip

Fragile and spacey. Great for winding down before some much needed sleep. I love when Booty’s vocals come in. The shift from husky to sweetness is perfect. It’s so nice to hear some music bloggers making music of their own. Sure make me feel humble. So if you are digging this greatness then support these guys!

Bury your face in their website